Monday, August 15, 2011

Vacation Reflections

Summer is peaking, vacations are underway. As July ends, August begins and I find myself asking "From what do I need a vacation?"

Vacation is literally the act of leaving something previously occupied. The Latin root means "to be unoccupied." Interesting. I see the opportunity in a vacation to leave our old ideas, routines, habits of thinking and behavior behind. This may or may not involve travel, taking time off from work, or visiting friends and family. At the heart of the concept of vacation lies a portal for spiritual renewal, a revival of our heart's desire, an occasion to shift our focus to our true priorities, an opportunity to occupy a new space.

This vacation season, I am choosing to take a break from my fears and worries, to get away from my well-worn points of view, to let go of habits that no longer inspire me. Instead, I am occupying a place of willingness to see life as it is known in the Light and also to see myself and the important people in my life as they are known in the Light of Truth.

My friends, whether you are enjoying a "staycation" or traveling to exotic lands, I invite you to take a break from your customary ways and join me in the land of willingness to be renewed on every level.

For the month of August, I am particularly excited about my new one hour teleclass entitled "Standing Present, Facing Future," in which we will consciously engage in preparation for the unprecedented spiritual change occurring at this moment in history. I also encourage you to explore the wonderful classes on Daily Om including my brand new "God Class," which provides an opportunity to clear and correct your conscious relationship with the God of your own understanding.

Sending Love and Light to the corner of the world you choose to occupy!


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  1. Awesome article, Linda. Thanks for sharing!


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