Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Experimentation, Missing Persons, and Life Purpose

Timeless Wisdom for Contemporary Questions:
Questions and Answers about the Book “How To Read the Akashic Records”

I do intuitive readings and some coaching, and I wanted to find a way to reach a deeper level of information for my clients. I’ve just read your book and I’ve just started using your process – will I feel much of a difference in the way I receive information? Or will it just feel like I’m getting more? As far as the knowing difference in getting messages…

When we’ve had experience and exposure and practice with other ways of working in these subtle realms, in the very beginning, it may seem like it all blends together because it seems so familiar.

On one hand, the reason you are called into the Records is because you are already related to it and you are already familiar with the energy. On the other hand, you do not want to mix the practice of accessing the Records with the Pathway Prayer Process with anything else. You just really want to road test this thing. In the book I talk about a grace period, a practice period. What we’re doing here is a little different, so you want to pay attention and just very consciously use this on its own. Don’t mix it with anything else over a period of time – usually the first few weeks.

If you are very persistent, let’s say you do it every day for 15 minutes: you go in, you open the Records, and maybe you make some notes, and close the Records. Do not evaluate your progress. Allow yourself to have the experience. Over a period of time, the distinction will be much more evident to you. You just want to keep walking the path, so to speak, so that the differences are clarified for you.

Now, it is also true that you may in the course of your other work bump into the Records. People bump into the Records all the time. This is your own soul, so of course you encounter it. But what I’m talking about here is using the Pathway Prayer Process to move into this state of awareness very deliberately, consciously, and responsibly, as opposed to maybe we will get there, maybe we won’t.

I feel that this is what I have been asking for. Can we access different kinds of information that we might not have been getting with other techniques?

Qualitatively, it will be interesting for you to eventually compare what you normally get with what you get in the Records. However, I think it is really important when you are first beginning not to evaluate. You just want to give yourself a chance to go into the Records and allow yourself to be a beginner. Many of us come into the Records with a great expertise in other areas. You might be a great hypnotherapist, a great Reiki master; you may have great sophistication with other modalities. But it is very powerful to allow ourselves to be beginners in the Records, because the Light will take you where you are to go.

At least go in the first couple of times just to experiment, but you can start asking questions right away. You want to explore and experiment. Go in, see what it’s like. Go back in, ask some questions, see what happens, and come out of the Records. This is like the Great Exploration. It is a wonderful journey of discovery and revelation. You want to play with it a little.

I think sometimes the pressure of going into the Records and thinking, “Oh, my God, I’ve got to get this answer. I need to ask this question and get it answered.” It’s very hard to learn something new if we are under pressure to solve a very specific problem. So, if you can tease those two out, you will be problem-solving in no time, but give yourself a chance.

If I was to hire you for a private consultation, I’m looking for someone. Would you be able to find a missing person through the Akashic Records?

No. First of all, I would love to be able to find your person, but the truth is the Records really aren’t that good for that type of divination. I say get yourself a good clairvoyant. That is really what I would do. I would get a very good clairvoyant or a psychic. There are some people who really specialize in the locating of missing persons or lost objects, missing things.

If we opened your Records and asked about this situation, what we would find is, how is this experience supporting your growth? How is this enhancing your awareness of your own goodness as a human being? But this is a real life problem, and it sounds really hard and painful. The Records will usually not give us the kind of answer you need. The Records will address the issue of how this particular situation is enabling your growth because the Records are at the level of the soul.

Sometimes information from the astral level -- the level at which you would probably find your lost person -- sometimes you can see it through the lens of the Records, but we really can’t count on it. So save your money on the Akashic Record reading, and go find someone who specializes in lost persons, and I think you will have much better success.

I guess I’m the opposite of the one who is already intuitive and already very active and clear. This is a beginning process for me, and I’d like to know how much preparation does it take? For example, do I have to have a deep level of awareness already, before I’m able to access the Akashic Record?

No, the Records will meet you wherever you are. These are your Records. This is about you having a conscious relationship with your own soul. So you don’t have to have any training in that. It is unnecessary. What you can do is just follow the directions: there are directions and it is a good idea to follow them. As you do that, what is right for you will come. What is right for you will be made available to you.

The other thing I want you to know is that you do not have to be psychic. You don’t have to be intuitive. You do have to be alive, and have a sincere desire of the heart. That is all it takes to get started. You will be fine. Just give yourself a chance.

What you were saying is that the information that you get in the Records is not going to be specific kinds of things like daily activities, or like this woman was looking for someone, you wouldn’t find that?

This is not psychic work. This is not fortune telling. We are not divining the future. What it is, is an exploration – it is a space. The Akashic Record is the soul-level dimension of consciousness. What happens is that as we consciously move into the Records and interact with the energy – the Record is made up of energy and wisdom. It is kind of like the intersecting point of these two. What we need to support our growth is revealed.

From a Records point of view, it does not matter – you don’t get visions and flashes of when you were on the playground in the third grade and this incident happened. Let’s say you did have a difficult experience like that, something happened on the playground in the third grade, and it was very uncomfortable for you. What you would get in the Records is that something happened, and this is how it impacted you. It is qualitatively different.

The Records are not really concerned with whether somebody there was wearing a red jacket, and it was overcast. Who cares? That is secondary information. What is primary is: How did this affect you? What have you done with this? Have you used this experience to support your growth? Have you used it against yourself? What is the purpose of this experience from the point of view of your soul, and how could this possibly help you in your growth?

It is where the attention is, where the emphasis is. What has happened to you in the course of life has happened. We are not changing the raw material. What we are doing is looking at it from a certain angle that can be a tremendous resource with coming to peace with unresolved issues and gaining clarity. It can be remarkable.

Would it clarify a life purpose?

Absolutely! I’ll tell you what’s interesting about this, because that’s the question we all have. Of course we want to know what am I doing here? What are the possibilities? How can I help? We all have those kinds of questions.

In the Records, we will find that, but we find it through our ordinary life experiences. What we see in the Record is that all of life, even the most mundane, all of life is supporting us in the revelation of the purpose of our soul. So it’s not like our purpose is outside of us. Our purpose is actually inside of us, and everybody is walking around in their purpose anyway, it is just a matter of becoming more conscious about it. And then when you are conscious of it, you can make choices and decisions that will actually propel you in your purpose, and that gives you a lot more satisfaction. It feels so much better when you feel like you have purpose.

I thought that once I become more adept and comfortable with reading and taking care of my own issues that I would like to do a reading for a friend of mine’s son who has a drug addiction problem to prescription pain pills. The question is that this person is going to either be high or going through withdrawal. Though he is most likely to be high, if I get permission to do a reading. I was wondering if that was going to have any adverse affect on the reading. The answer that I got, that kind of trickled through in normal consciousness was that it is not going to have any effect because I’m doing the reading, and I’m not going to be high.

Go to the head of the class! Very good. You got it! Right.

First of all, and you already get this, we don’t read anyone’s Records without their permission, unless they ask for it. So we want to be very realistic. Somebody who is on drugs, prescription or otherwise, legally or illegally, this is not a group that is normally seeking out an Akashic Record reading. If, indeed, the person is, where the work lives is in the consciousness of the practitioner.

When someone comes for a reading, we have times in life where we just can’t seem to get to the core of something. We are overwhelmed. We are human beings, we are not robots, and we can have challenges. It is beneficial to seek the assistance of another human being. The person who can help and is doing the reading is the person who can reach the next higher level. It’s almost like if you want something out of the cabinet; the reader is the person who has the ladder that can get to the top shelf. What is going on with the reader is more important than what is going on in the consciousness of the person being read.

People can be however they are, but the truth of the matter is that we must wait until they ask. You can offer, you can say, “Hey, I’d love to open your Records. If there is any way I can help you, I would be happy to do that.” Then we wait. We honor the decisions and choices of everyone, even if we think it would be a great idea for them to have a reading. The truth is, it is for them to decide.

The Akashic Record is serious business. The readings are very intimate; they are very personal, and everyone who steps forward for a reading must do so of their own volition, consciously and responsibly.

We don’t read dead people. First of all, they don’t need readings, and secondly, they can’t ask for them. We don’t read people in comas. If someone says to you, “my sister is in a coma, could you do a reading on her?” I would say, “I can’t read your sister, but if you would like a reading, I would be happy to do one for you.” The person who asks for the reading is of the consciousness to receive help. In the spiritual work, receptivity is key. We have to be receptive, and the way we know that someone is receptive, is that they ask. Asking is really powerful.

It doesn’t matter if someone has a cold, because we are not reading the energy field. It doesn’t matter if someone is having a bad hair day. Sometimes people will say, I can’t have a reading today; I had a bad day at work. We are not working at that level. We all know that bad days come and go. We all have bad days; we all have good days; we have easy days; we have hard days. There is always that flux, but that does not impact who we are at the level of the soul, and the Akashic Record is a soul-level dimension of consciousness, and that is where we do our work.