Thursday, September 9, 2010

Meditation, Free Will, and the Meaning of Life

Timeless Wisdom for Contemporary Questions:
Questions and Answers about the Book “How To Read the Akashic Records”

I am very new at this. I am three-quarters of the way through the book and have been doing the Akashic Records meditation. I’ve been doing pretty good with it. The first time was like, WOW! The second and third times were like okay, but sometimes I wonder if this is just a meditation or if I am really in the Records. I know that when I read the Pathway Prayer and open the Records, it feels different than a meditation; I can tell you that.

It is different than a meditation. This is not a regular meditation. I have been working in the Records since 1994. I have been teaching since 1996. Over the course of the years I got this meditation. What I was told through my own work in the Records is that this meditation will support going deeper in the Records. That is the purpose of the meditation. The meditation does feel like the Records to a lot of people. I can’t count on that meditation getting me to the Records and back, but I can count on the Prayer.

The meditation is the preparation, tilling the soil before we throw the seeds in. It is the preparation. But you don’t have to do that meditation to get into the Records. You can if you like it, and if it works for you, use it. If is distracting, don’t do it. We do the meditation in classes, too, to get a little distance from the everydayness of our lives. We leave the stuff outside of the room, and we start to bring ourselves together to become aware of the spiritual sources of support that will enable us to go into the Records.

The meditation is like a general tonic, where the Prayer, itself, is very specific. Go here. Follow the directions, and it will get you to this place, and it will get you back, consciously, deliberately, and responsibly.

Interestingly, when you use the Prayer, two things happen. It puts you, the practitioner, in a place where you can receive, where you can register the information. It makes you more sensitive to everything. Then, with this system, we call up one set of Records at a time. If you are reading my Records, you are going to call my Records up, and those are the only Records you are going to open.

The guided meditation is different than most meditations you will do, because it is specific. It was born out of my work in the Akashic Records.

I sit, I close my eyes, and hold my hands out like a meditation, and I do definitely get a feeling through my whole body, doing this. I just wait and things come to me, as opposed to questions that I might ask. Am I all wet? Or am I okay?

You are doing fine. You want to keep going. You just want to stay with it. You bring up an interesting question, because there is something about being a beginner, where you have to give yourself a chance to find your way. Give yourself a chance to find your way.

Sometimes you go into the Records and you have questions, and it is very engaging, and other times, it seems like you are not really getting the answers to your questions. This is not meant to be something that you do once. Think of it as an ongoing practice. Say you’ve got two or three questions. You will ask those same questions every couple of days for a month and watch what happens. See?

I think especially when you are first starting; there is the pressure of, “I have to do this. I have to write.” Then if you have a burning question that you want the answer to, that is very hard. It is hard to learn something new and at the same time try to come up with the answer you need.

Can work in the Akashic Records help me answer the ultimate question, “What is the meaning of life?”

Everybody has a story and an experience. This incarnation is one story of the many, many, many, many, many stories. It is a sliver. It is like a page in the book of all of the lifetimes you have lived. The purpose of living all of these lifetimes is to discover the perfection of your soul, and then to discover the perfection of everybody else, and the goodness of Life.

Since we are human beings, we have a lot of nuttiness, and all different shapes and forms. We all have our little idiosyncrasies; right? So this takes a long time. The journey of the soul through time – you know, we don’t come here for three lifetimes. Anybody that can do this in three lifetimes, I want to meet that person!

The fact of the matter is that it takes us centuries, and ages, and epochs to grow into the awareness of our own goodness. And this idea is so contrary to what our religious institutions have taught, and the way our governments treat us, and the way corporations handle us, now and always. Whether it is the year 2010, or whether it is the 9th century A.D. in Western Europe, or whether it is the third century in China; we, as human beings, have been moving out of and away from the old idea that we are no good, that there is something wrong with us, or that we are inept.

Nothing has gone terribly wrong. It is very easy to know your own perfection when you do not have a body, and you do not have a mortgage, and you do not have a teenager living in your house. When you live with a teenager, you are very aware of your imperfections. Trust me on that one!

The challenge of lifetime after lifetime after lifetime is: Can we really come to know our own goodness? That is really the essence of the Akashic Records. It is a Resource for our empowerment and consciousness development.

If you want to find out why, “What is driving me?” “Why do I keep doing the same thing over and over and over?” When you cannot seem to stop; you keep attracting the same mate, even though they have different names, and they are from different parts of the country, they have different occupations, but after you have been married to them for a couple of years, you realize that it is always the same person! Or you may keep getting the same job over and over.

The Akashic Record is an infinite spiritual resource available to us to explore. Ask the Records, “What’s up? What is driving me?”

The Records are governed by three principles: Fear Not, Resist Not, and Judge Not. The energy of these three principles working together makes the Records very safe, very powerful, very rich, and as far as I can tell, it is an ideal place within which you can do your inner work.

I’ve been working with your book for a while. When I’m receiving the information, it seems very natural, but when I read over my notes later, I’m like, “Oh, wow! I never would have thought of that! I wonder if that is the Akashic Records.” Since I am a beginner, maybe I was putting too much stock in it, but I had an important question to ask about work. I thought that I was up for a promotion, but it turned out that actually I was up for a lay-off, and the Records never told me that. The Records told me that potentially, I did have a chance at the position. So now I’m thinking, “I’m doing the Records wrong. I should just stick with my normal yoga meditation, and that should be my spiritual life, and I shouldn’t be diverting myself.”

As I say in the book, it really is not your best resource for divination. It is not. It is about who you are becoming behind the scenes.

The idea of the Records is not that we are going to get this system, and we are going to beat the game. The idea is not that we are going to get the energy, and I’m going to be able to make things happen. That is magic; that is not spirituality. That is magic. Within the Records there is a dimension that is called The Mystery of Life--things will happen that make no sense. Things will happen, and we will be taken by surprise. That we are surprised is part of the lesson.

It may well be that this is to let you know that the Akashic Records are not a fortune teller. That is not to say that you won’t get guidance. You get a lot of guidance. You get tons of insight, and almost like foreshadowing in a novel, but there are no absolutes.

You have now learned very early on in your relationship with the Records that this is not a pendulum. This is not a clairvoyant. This is not a dowsing rod. This is something else, entirely. I know that the next time you are in your Records and you are like, “I have to know this!” You will think: “Wait a second. That is not the most powerful question I could ask. This is not the best use of the Records.” The best use of the Records might be something like, “Wow, looks like there are changes at work. What do I need to know to be able to navigate this? How can I be my best? Is there another direction for me to look?”

Another component involved here is free will. There is our free will, and there is the free will of other people. There is always a wild card in the Records. In terms of getting guidance, sit down and ask, “I’ve been laid off. What is the best use of this time? Is there something for me to know? Who can I become? How can I have faith in anything at this most difficult time, when I feel like I have been side-swiped? How do I do that? How do I connect with the strength that is within me? How do I connect with any kind of Divine reality when my feelings are hurt? How do I trust?”

See, there is a whole exploration emerging from here: “What is the best use of my resources and who I am in the work world?” To begin to explore that, I believe that would be helpful. I know as a person that it is really hard when you lose your job. It is awful; especially when you do not see it coming. The Universe is a good place, and everything that happens is part of a conspiracy of Life trying to get us to go deep within and to find our own goodness.

It is easier to see our own goodness when everything is going our way. But when the bottom falls out, it is like, wait a second! You really have a challenge there, and I would take that challenge to the Records. Say, “Hey, guys, help me out here!” This is not fragile. You are not going to offend the gods. This is not ancient Greece. We don’t have to worry. You can say, “Hey, listen. Help me! Or if you are not going to help me that way, how can you help me with this? Here I am in my life, what am I going to do now?”

When is a question too small or minute for the Records?

You get up in the morning, and you think, “What should I wear?” Well, wear whatever you like! The Records are not going to tell us do this or do that.

Instead, working in the Records can help us find out what would really be the desire of our heart? Roll up your sleeves, get in there, and make your notes. It is very important that you make your notes, because when you are in the Records, it all seems so clear. We’re like, “Oh, anybody would know that!” But then what happens is that we get away from the Records, and a few days later, we see the profundity of it. A few days later I read my notebook, and I think, “Wow, that’s really good! I never would have thought of that!” Track it, and as long as you are not in an emergency like, “Tell me what to do!,” you will be fine.

If you go in there in that frame of mind, the Records will be like, “Calm down. Calm down.” That’s what they say to me all of the time, “First take a deep breath. Now we are going to look at this.” I don’t care what the spiritual resource is, we can have an insight or a glimpse of a great Truth, and that takes a second or less, and then the great opportunity is to grow into that idea. On the Earth plane, it is very slow. It is one foot in front of the other; one phone call after another; one meal after another. It is one thing at a time, and then what happens is that we wake up one day, and sure enough, our lives have been transformed in a way that is perfect for us. What is perfect for you is going to be a little different than what is perfect for me, or for anybody else.

I believe in the Akashic Record, I truly do. But when it comes to finding a clairvoyant or someone who can give us information that is separate from the Records, how do you know who is real? How do you know who is really at a high level that can tell you what is important? How do you know when you are receiving the time and the date, if someone is giving you real information?

Oh, honey, this is such a smart question! Here is what you do. You sit down with yourself, and you ask, “Who do I trust? Is this person believable? Or are they full of it?”

My rule of thumb is that I never take advice from anyone crazier than I am. I don’t want weight loss advice from someone who is 100 pounds overweight. I don’t want quitting smoking advice from someone who doesn’t smoke. I don’t want marriage advice from somebody who has never been married. Do you see what I mean? Part of it is that you want to use your head. And it is interesting that we have this fascination with people who are “spiritual,” we expect less of them as people. If you are going to somebody, and you want to know the date, time, and place, you want to find out something about this person. You have every right to get the scoop.

Go by word of mouth. See who your friends like. This person is good; this person is not so good. Then you look them up on the internet. If you look at their picture, and it scares you, don’t call them! If you look at their website, and you don’t understand it, I call that a sign! If somebody’s website is so esoteric -- you’ve got a family, you’ve got in-laws, you want somebody who is living this life. Ask yourself, “Would I have coffee with that person?”