Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Akashic Records Readings, Practitioner Protocols, and Animal Healing

Timeless Wisdom for Contemporary Questions:

Questions and Answers about the Book “How To Read the Akashic Records”

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What Are Akashic Record Consultations?

Consultations, or Readings, are transformational life guidance. Important challenges in your life can be addressed and resolved. During a Consultation, you will explore significant relationship issues from the perspective of your soul, know the truth about you and your soul mates. You will be able to clarify the connection between your career path and your contribution to the world and see how your gifts, talents, and abilities are best used in your work. Also, your health is a key part of your soul’s journey. Find peace and harmony with yourself no matter what difficulties you face.

Would it be useful to get my own Records read by someone, even if I open and read my own Records?

I have been doing Akashic Records Readings for people since 1994. I have done Readings for certified Akashic Records practitioners, Akashic RecordsTeachers, and leaders in every spiritual tradition. I hear from nearly every person that the Reading is beneficial because it helps affirm their own work.

Recognizing and dealing with ordinary human challenges are the path to higher consciousness. We are all human, and we all have creeping doubts whether the information we get in our own Records might be "wishful thinking" or biased in some way. The Reading is a sharing of the Energy of the Records, and the spirit of Light and Truth will be available to uplift you and illuminate your journey.

I have had the Akashic Records opened for me before, but it sure didn’t seem like I did, compared to what you talked about in your book. Something spoke to me from your book, and I would really like to go to your training. I’m just concerned for myself whether I would really be able to get it. For example, I’ve always had trouble meditating.

I love this question. I’ll tell you what I love about it: I understand. There’s that fear that I will be the one exception to the rule. Everybody else will be able to get in except me. Here’s the truth of the matter. People come to the Akashic Records -- like you -- as a result of inner prompting. Now the book may certainly have fallen on your head in the bookstore (I get a lot of calls about that) but you wouldn’t even be aware of this unless it was your time.

Yes, you will be able to access the Records; otherwise, you wouldn’t want to do this. People who can’t get it don’t come to the class.

Work in the Akashic Records has some similar benefits that meditation has, but for this, you do not have to be able to meditate. Meditation is really hard. I think this is much easier, because what we are doing is that we are getting into an alignment with your own soul. This is the Record of your soul. We use the sacred prayer, the Pathway Prayer, to help you bump over into this space where you can receive. It is not about quieting the mind.

The Records will meet you at your level. You don’t have to be able to meditate, you don’t have to be psychic, for sure. You don’t have to be able to read auras or energy or any of that, because it is not about that. It is about a more conscious relationship with your own soul.

What kind of advance knowledge, experience, or training does someone need to have before taking a Beginning Class?

What is really important is that when you come to a class, like the Practitioner Certification, you will be a beginner. Being a beginner is a great place to be, and it is a place in consciousness. If you come to the beginning class, you are not going to walk out with 15 years of experience, but the gate will be open for you. I think that if you have concerns, the class is a great way to go because in a class there are a couple of things happening. One is that you have the power of the group that can really help move you along. If there is a group of 30 or 40 of us headed in the same direction, that is going to make it easier for you. You will have the support of the group.

Here’s what I know: There are some people who get it immediately, and there are some who take a little time. This is why we do the class in a day-and-a-half. It is a day-and-a-half for a reason, because not everybody gets it in the first 15 minutes. There is a progression. There is a series of exercises that we work through in our own Records. We work in the Records of others. These exercises will enable you to move into that dimension of consciousness. That’s the way it works.

Because of the focus of the class, it is intense, and not in a bad way, but there is a power there. There is an energy in the class that allows you to get in the Records much more easily, much more quickly than if you were to work with the book and CDs. You can work with just the book and CDs and get in, but if you come to a class, it is really faster. It is really efficient, and it is designed to be that way.

When I open my own Records, and I do that sometimes just to go for comfort and reassurance, sometimes I leave them open for hours at a time and go about my business. Is that a bad idea?

No, it is not a bad idea. Is it the best idea? Probably not, and let me tell you why. Now you know, because you are using the Records, it can be very potent, and the energy of the Records can amplify things. It can be sometimes startling. What can happen, if I open my Records and I go out and do my thing, it is not helpful because I have one foot in this slightly-altered state and I have the other foot in my ordinary reality. What happens is that both states are a little bit diluted. The work of the Records is to support us, to enable us to discover our own internal resources, and the spiritual support and backing that we have to be very effective in our lives. That really requires us to be as present as possible.

If you have the Records open and you are driving the car, you are not fully present to the Records, and you are not fully present to your driving.

The purpose of the Records on the planet at this time is to be a spiritual resource for us. It is like to go and get the tank full, and then go drive. As practitioners, as Lightworkers, as people who are awakening, we want to be very clear. Like, right now, I am in an ordinary state of consciousness and maybe later I am in the Records. We always want to know where we are, and we want to be appropriate. It is kind of Taoist. We want to be appropriate to whatever our needs are and whatever our situations require.

I think what is appropriate is this: Open your Records in the morning, ask for the partnership of your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, and ask for any guidance for the day, anything that would be helpful. Take whatever guidance you get and then close the Records and go live your life. What I have seen is that as we can then apply the guidance that is given, and we get more.

This is a very interesting issue that you bring up. I know that in a lot of other systems they say things like, “Do the chant, and then go out into the world and do both at the same time.” It is just not the best use of the Records, but it is not bad.

The thing is, if you forget to close the Records, they will close by themselves anyway after a while. You can feel it. There’s just a sense of being a little bit off. It is not helpful to open your Records and go to sleep in the hope of having really powerful dreams. It actually doesn’t do that. It doesn’t help. Your dream state is actually better than adequate on its own. It doesn’t need the energy of the Records to be valuable.

Through trial and error we find out what works and what doesn’t work. It is great that you are engaged.

I wonder if our interactions with the animal souls we encounter are recorded in the Records? Is there a way to access their higher souls and angels, particularly with regard to healing?

The Records are a wonderful way to work with animals, if indeed, that is what you are called to do. Personally, I am not very good working with animals. I know how, but it is not my strength.

The main thing to keep in mind is to always work with permission. When you open the Records of the animal, you are working with the soul of the animal. The Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones are different from the guides and angels of that animal. Akashic Records work with animals is wonderful for diagnostics, like if you want to find out why your cat is sick, or why this horse cannot absorb the medicine. There are a million things that happen with animals, and you can open their Records and find out.

But you don’t open the Records of an animal without the permission of the animal and without the permission of the owner. You would not open the Records of a strange animal, especially if you are seriously working to get to the root of the problem.

Also, what we find within our own Records is that we do have connections with animals. That animal is in our life for a reason: to help us. A lot of that information is in our own Records. So, if you have a relationship with a particular animal, open your own Records first and ask, “What is the purpose of my relationship with Fluffy?” Whatever you need will be revealed. Then you can close your own Records and open Fluffy’s Records. We want to be realistic. When we open the Records of animals, it is a little different than humans.

So we have our soul, and this question is coming up because one time quite a few years ago I was in a soul retrieval hypnosis session, and my voice came through like in a different-sounding way that was my soul. Sometimes when I’m in the Records and I’m speaking out loud what I’m getting and writing it down, I hear that voice – I hear my voice sounding like that voice that I connect with being my soul. Can you speak to that in relationship to the Lords of the Records, the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, and our own soul in relation to that dynamic?

The Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones are supportive. You want to think of them in terms of a support structure. Collectively they hold the space. They are a bridge of Light consciousness that enable us to move into a more direct and more conscious relationship with our soul. Their work, while it is true that we get guidance and direction from them, their work is ultimately to enable us to have direct, conscious contact with our own soul. It sounds like there are times when the distance between you and your soul, between your innermost soul and your expression in the world, it sounds like the distance collapses, and you are in a state of direct impression and direct expression.

You are doing a great job. We talk about the Light of the soul, but there really is the sound of the soul. Since the late 1960s in the Western culture, there has been a collective movement to open up to the Light of the soul, and now a new dimension of exploration is the Sound of the soul, and this is very exciting. This is where we see things like chanting.

In saying the sacred prayer – we use the Pathway Prayer Process. In saying the sacred prayer, there is a rhythm. It is like a mantra. What happens is that through sound it supports our consciousness in moving. In the Records themselves, we know that energy moves on the spoken word. When we are in the Records, it is really powered up as we speak, and as we put formed words to what we perceive, it actually enables energy to move. Very, very exciting.