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Angels, Self-Confidence, and Animal Communication

Timeless Wisdom for Contemporary Questions:

Questions and Answers about the Book “How To Read the Akashic Records”

When you first open the Records and you say thanks to the Teachers and guides that are with me, I’m wondering what role angels or spirit guides have in the Records.

That is a great question. Here’s how this works: Angels and spirit guides are wonderful. I love them. We all love them. How could we not? But here is the big distinction. They are within the celestial realms. They are in the realm, but they are not specific to the Record for this reason: Angels and spirit guides are known by personality identities. Angels have names. We have archangels and angels have different roles and responsibilities, but they have personalities. They have individual identities and personalities, as do spirit guides. I certainly have them myself.

You have a certain spirit guide from a certain time and place, usually a representative of an indigenous tribe somewhere on the planet with a very particular personality and style. These things are wonderful, but within the Akashic Record, the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, those unseen helpers who are working on our behalf, are not known by their personalities. They do not come forward and say, “Hello, I’m your Teacher. I’m Harry the Teacher.” The Akashic Record is where we leave the personality, which is all bound in ego, we leave that at the gate, and we move into the realm where we work with the energy of Love and Compassion. Energy first, and information second. It is really about the transmission. It is not about interacting with a particular guide or angel.

The Akasha is the primary substance of Life. We are working with the essential energy of the soul. The Akashic Record is a soul-level dimension of consciousness, which contains the vibrational Record of who you are as a soul throughout time. So that is what the Record is. From a Records point of view, personalities are distracting. I am not saying that they are not helpful. They are absolutely helpful, but in the Records we are learning to rely on the energy itself, the primary substance itself, and to work with that to cultivate the best of our human faculties through our relationship with the Records.

I know clearly that Spirit is talking to me, and I am talking to Spirit in many, many different ways. I have your CDs, and I have been listening to them on a CD player. However, I am still not getting specific visions or colors or words. It does not feel like I am in the Records, although I know I am being led, and it has been a few months now. Can you shed some light on why that possibly would be? I am working mostly with your CDs, but I refer to the book frequently.

This is interesting because you have a lot of experience with direct impression and a lot of experience with ongoing communication with the spirit realm. What I have seen often is that this situation is not that unusual. It sounds like you are being brought into the Records through the energy rather than through the information dimension. That is sometimes what happens when people are very skilled in other practices, other systems and methods. There is a period of time where you can just open the Records and kind of sit in the Records and get used to it. Because the work of the Records is energy first, information second. So often it happens that people are given almost like a period of initiation, where it’s like, “Oh, just sit here and be in the energy and get used to it, because it is different.”

It is different, and it is the same. If you are attracted to it, chances are that you are familiar with it. Chances are that you have worked in the Records in other lifetimes, and you have certainly bumped into it in this lifetime.

If you are not getting anything, it can be an attunement phase, or it may be that you need to work with a group. Especially with people like you, you can do a lot on your own, but sometimes when people come together and work in the Records together, it gets a little amplified or intensified.

Perhaps the next phase of learning for you is in receiving more support. It is important to get more support, because support can make a world of difference. Even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal. It might just be a one-time thing, but ongoing support or some exposure to support from other human beings, who are engaged in a similar process, headed in the same direction, can make a world of difference.

Finally, I would encourage you to get into the book and just ask some questions. Open your Records, and answer the questions. “What is going on with this relationship?” “What’s up with my health?” It doesn’t matter, just anything in your life that is important to you in the present. Do that and write the answers down. Don’t worry if you’re in the Records, or if you’re not; “Where is this from?” “What does this mean?” Don’t evaluate, just write it down. Do this every day for about 10 days. Just ask some questions, write the answers down, close your notebook, close your Records, and go about your business. After about 10 days, go back to your notebook and look at what you’ve written.

I’ve been working with the Records for a long time, and sometimes I receive information, and I think, “What’s the big deal?” When we are in the Records, the answers are like, “But of course! That is the most obvious insight in the world.” Things seem very natural; it is not very sensational. But when I look back at what I wrote a week or two later, I think, “My God! That is really great! That is so helpful. I never would have thought about that on my own.”

So what you want to do is to allow yourself to do some writing in the Records without evaluation, without pressure on performance.

I do some pretty profound work now with the angels, and when I come into the Records – I want to know what I am supposed to be getting. I know, I’m supposed to be getting whatever it is that I get. So I am going to do exactly what you said, because I haven’t done that yet. Write down every day and just sit down and make that my practice. I have not done that, even though you wrote about it in your book. Will I be able to get what they call a past life regression? Is that part of the Akashic Records?

This is great. I want to talk about a couple of things. So you have a real strong angel practice. You’ve been traveling on Highway 80, and you know your way around, and you are very familiar with Highway 80. Now you are on a different highway, and I am going to ask you to drive on Highway 30, and it’s not that far from 80, and there are some points where the roads intersect. The truth is, they are different roads. Give yourself a chance, especially if you are very good with these angels. You are terrific with that. Let yourself drive on a different road.

This is spiritual hardball. You have to allow yourself to not know what you are doing. If you have had mastery with another method, that is very challenging, and it is antagonistic to human nature. Let yourself be a beginner. That will make a world of difference for you.

You also want to know what you are supposed to get. I know that is like the $50 million question! First of all in the Records it is energy first and information second. The Records are governed by the Three Absolutes: Fear Not, Resist Not, and Judge Not. So it makes for a very safe and loving and also encouraging environment. In this Akashic atmosphere, really, you can do no wrong. So allow yourself to move into the state where you just get the vibe. That’s the first thing. After that, what you need will be revealed to you.

Now, this can be revealed to you in a few different ways. When we speak about how we get things in the Records, we use very visual words. “I see this; I see that.” You may never see a thing! You may never hear a thing! Some people see, and they have very strong images. Some people are audial, and they hear. They really hear things. Most of us, like 85%, have what we call a sense of knowing. You are in this slightly-altered state, and it is almost like it is within you. It is almost like if you have one of those kaleidoscope toys, and you tilt it a little. “Oh, I didn’t know there was red in there!” You tend to see things from a different angle and a different perspective. What shifts is your perception and your awareness.

There is often supportive information that comes to you, but it is not like you go into the Records, and someone is falling down from the Heavens with a list. “Do this; do that! No, no, no.” It is from within you.

The energy of the Record interfaces at the eighth chakra, comes down through the crown, in through the heart, and your whole heart zone is very engaged using this Pathway Prayer Process. In that engagement, it is like, “Oh, I see. I get it.”

Now, finally, regarding past lives, I love them! I do! They are great. It is immensely helpful to have past life awareness, when it is helpful. Here’s the first thing to know: In the Akashic Records, everything is there: Past, Present, and Future. It is all there, but the truth of the matter is that you don’t need to know ALL today. This is not entertainment, even though it can be tons of fun. It is not for entertainment. What I have seen in my practice, and in working with others, is that past lives are revealed as they are beneficial to a problem that you are facing right now.

If I go in and say, “What is up with this situation? What is up with my teenage son? The great spiritual opportunity! How do I parent this young man? What is the real source of the problem?” Sometimes the problems we face today started a long, long time ago. That is the opportunity. The Records will reveal that the reason I am having this difficulty in the present is because of something that happened 1,000 years ago on the other side of the globe. That is how past lives are revealed. You don’t get the whole story, unless it is useful. I don’t need to know the story of the whole lifetime; I just need the piece that is the root of the difficulty now.

So when we are solving problems, we want to ask, “What is the exact nature of the problem? Where did this start? What is the point of origin?” When we ask those questions, past lives are revealed.

I would like to ask you about animal communication. I actually had an occasion to talk to some animals, which I didn’t even believe. I didn’t say anything about it, because I didn’t believe it. I knew a dog at someone’s house was peeing on the carpet, and I didn’t say anything because I didn’t believe that I was hearing the dog. So, 15 minutes later, the woman gets up and she’s gone for awhile. When she comes back, I asked her, “Did your dog just pee on the carpet?” And she said, “Yes.” I said, “I’m so sorry. I actually heard him tell me that about 20 minutes ago, and I didn’t say anything, because I didn’t believe that he was talking to me.” I have gotten many things like that which are encouraging me and telling me that I’m doing the right thing, but I thought that I would be doing readings by now. I will follow your suggestions.

When we come to the Records, our next area of growth is usually brought to our attention or illuminated. In order to get there, sometimes there is a phase that can be a little baffling or confusing, and we say, “What is this? I’m always so good at things like this.” But it can be like, “Wait. You are learning to be still with the energy. You are learning to go deeper. You are learning to follow, as opposed to leading.”

The work of the Records, and what I absolutely love about it, the Prayer says, “Direct my attention to the work at hand…” as we surrender to it, the Light takes the lead, and we learn to be followers in the best sense of the word: followers of the Light. And when we do that, the path opens up in all kinds of amazing ways that we could never engineer on our own.

Particularly for those of us who are strong-willed, whether it is at the beginning of your relationship with the Records, or after you have been in for awhile where it’s kind of like it slows down. The work of the Records is really to be still, to get used to it, to quiet yourself, and to let yourself be lead to a deeper place. It sounds like you are getting just enough validation to keep you going, which is good. They will give you the validation in order for you to keep going.

I am new to this, but I was led to your book, and when I was reading it I received a healing even without opening the Records yet. You spoke about doing readings for others. I have just been doing readings for myself, and I just got a feeling from reading the book that I would be doing this. So, do I wait the first 30 days and then start reading for others the next 30 days?

In the very beginning you have some extra grace. It is an extra grace period, and in that period, you can invite people to have readings. Let’s say I saw you at the grocery store, and I say, “I just started working in the Akashic Records. Could I do a reading on you? I would like to practice.” So be honest about your level of experience. People are going to know anyway, and then you do not have any pressure on you.

The other thing is, people can say yes or no. Whatever they say is fine. You never want to do a reading on someone who does not want a reading. That’s like getting a root canal with no Novocain; it’s terrible.

After a period of time, usually around 30 days, you want to shift your relationship with the readings. I know that some people charge money, and if you want to do that, check with your Records to see what amount is appropriate. Then you just say to people, “I do these readings, and if you would like one, here’s my card. Just let me know.” It is very subtle. It is the difference between letting people know that you are available, or in a very enthusiastic way saying, “Please, can I do a reading for you?” “Please can I do a reading for you?” is very different from, “If you would like a reading, please give me a call.” See?

When you are ready, you can just start telling people, “Hey, I do this. If you would like a reading, I can open your Records.” Okay? You are being led, and what is great in your situation is that you are aware that you are being led. There is a certain group of us which has been called to do this work at this time. The call is coming to us in different ways, but we are very connected in this. When it is time for you, if you want to read other people, you can. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. When it is time, what will happen is that you will find that it will not be hard. You can just say to people, “Hi, I would be happy to do a reading for you; if you want one, just let me know.” People will call you, or they will ask you.

Basically, one of the things as far as the nudge towards this was that I wanted something where I would be able to help myself from within, and be able to help other people from within, and also what you are doing, teaching other people, so that they can help themselves from within. Part of the point that you made in the book as far as that is that we are all in this together, but we should be able to do it on our own and increase our own consciousness. So that was very, very vital to me, and I think that is why the book literally called to me, and I bought it, and here I am.

That is so great! If you want advanced training -- you know that you can learn how to do this by using the book. Everything you need is in the book, and it is in the CDs. But if you want to accelerate the process, come and train in person. I train people in person. I do practitioner certifications, I do a Teacher Training Program. If this is right for you to do advanced studies or to study in an accelerated way, you will know that. You can track me down on my website, and you can see what is going on. There are a lot of opportunities.

I already know, and I’m signing up. So here we go!

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