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Scripture, Karmic Debt, and Past Lives

Timeless Wisdom for Contemporary Questions:

Questions and Answers about the Book “How To Read the Akashic Records”

Are the Akashic Records the same thing that is referred to in scripture about how your name is written in a Book?

Psalm 139 talks about that the hairs on your head are counted, and that even before you were born, it was all recorded, so to speak. Everything has been known. Absolutely, it is referred to in scripture. It is referred to in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. We find in Revelation there is reference to the Book of Life or the Book of God’s Remembrance. That is the Akashic Record. So it is really not far away at all from our basic Judeo-Christian tradition, here in the West.

Even in the Jewish tradition, for the high holidays, for Yom Kippur, there is reference to the Akashic Record, in that once a year God opens the Book. The Book is open and God looks and says, “How did you do this year?” It is the Atonement. It is a very sacred and religious tradition that has been observed for thousands of years. So the Akashic Records are not very far away from us.

The word “Akasha” is a Sanskrit word which means, “primary substance – that from which all things are formed.” It is Sanskrit, so it’s Eastern. But the Akashic Record, itself, is universal in its availability and it shows up in a variety of traditions all over the world all through time.

It’s great to hear that you can access these things, because growing up you think that this is something that nobody can access until the day that they pass away, and on that day there’s an angel that stands there and reads your Records and tells you everything that you need to know about yourself, and then decides whether you are going to Heaven or Hell, which is the way we were brought up and taught through Christianity and most religions. Does it also deal with karmic debt?

Yes. We are now at the time in history when every one of us is entitled to and has the right to have a conscious relationship with their own soul.

This is the time. This is the very time when that is to happen, and that is why the Record is now being made available to people like us, just regular people. We don’t have to be mystics, we don’t have to be scholars, we don’t have to go sit on top of the mountain for five years and starve ourselves. We don’t have to do any of that, which is terrific.

We don’t have to wait until the moment of judgment when the angel is going to tell us. This is the time where we work very consciously, deliberately, with intention to know our own soul, to have a conscious relationship with the Light. As a collective, we are moving out of our spiritual childhood really into spiritual maturity, where we have the opportunity to be in direct relationship with our own spiritual authority. Where we get to call the shots – we get to say, Listen, it’s time for me to wake up. I want to be awake. I can handle the responsibility, we all can. It is our time.

Up until I came into the Records, I thought karmic debt meant I have been so terrible, it will take me lifetimes to clean this mess up, and every mistake I have made is being held against me. Basically, it was going to take at least one eternity to kind of clear the ledger. What happened is that as I have worked in the Record I have come to understand that karma is not what I thought it was.

The Record is a realm that is governed by spiritual principles, and the three principles that govern the Akashic Record are Judge Not, Resist Not, and Fear Not. In this culture of the absolutes of the Akasha, it makes for a completely safe and loving and generous experience. So that when I go into the Records, it’s not about what a rat I was, it is about that I am good. I am good, you are good, we are all good. The journey through time is about coming to know our own goodness, not to find out what a big schmuck I am. Even though some of the choices I have made that I might think are dumb, or why did I do that to myself or another, what I see in the Record is that every action has been an effort to come to know the goodness. Every mistake I have made, every limiting pattern that I have been attached to has all been an effort to move into the Light. I have come to understand karmic debt as I understand the journey through time in the Records, it is a journey of coming to know that no matter what I have done or failed to do, that the Divine Presence is with me always and loves me no matter what, and that I cannot escape the love of God, and that is not what I thought it was going to be about.

We were raised with some pretty harsh ideas. You are not good enough, you have to earn, and it goes on and on. And even as we have awaked as a culture, we have transferred the old ways into New Age ideas. If you just get the system right, it is going to be fine. The truth of the matter is that it is not a matter of good management; we are loved no matter what. And that is a crazy idea when I think of it, and it is something that I am always growing into, and that is the great journey of the soul through time: coming to know my own goodness and the goodness of everyone else. This is like outrageous!

Do animals have Akashic Records?

Sure, and you can open up the Records of animals, but they are a little different than people. They do not have the same level of awareness, they are a little different. But can you do it? Absolutely. You can open the Records of anyone or anything with a name. The animal has a soul. What is interesting, too, Isis, some people are very effective, they have a strong connection to animals, and they can open the Records of their pets and the pets of others to really get healing information and guidance and wisdom. There are others who will try to open up the Records of an animal and not get very far.

What we are seeing with the work in the Records at this point in time is that there are so many ways for people to work in the Records, and we are just discovering what works, what doesn’t work, what is useful, what is not, but what we are also seeing is that some people are really great at reading the Records of animals and some people are not. Some people are really great at reading the Records of places, like you could open the Records of sacred sites, if you wanted to.

So everything on planet Earth, or even everything in the solar system? I’m assuming that if this is happening here, it must be happening everywhere in the solar system. So basically, you are saying that there is a kind of – for lack of a better term – a cosmic computer, if you will, that records every single action.

That is actually a very good understanding, the idea of the cosmic computer. It is fascinating to me that the growth, development, and awareness of the Akashic Record has run alongside the growth, development, and the usefulness of the internet and computers. As within, so without. These two are traveling pretty much neck and neck, which is, I think, just fascinating.

Every time we have expansions in internal awareness, we see that reflected in the world, and we see the growth of the internet. You can think of the Records as the Spiritual Google, you really can, because everything is in there – everything that has been, everything that is going on now, and everything that will be.

Once you leave an ordinary state of consciousness and move into an extraordinary state of consciousness, time as we know it collapses. From a Records point of view, if something happened yesterday or 1,000 years ago, it is in there. To us it’s a big deal, but from a Records point of view, it’s all in there.

Now, it is important to know that the truth of the matter is that we do not need to know everything about everything now, so we always work from the present. The point of power is always in the present. We can use the Records as a resource for our healing, for our consciousness development, for our empowerment, but we always have to start with the present.

The Records are very much concerned with having a Heavenly consciousness as we walk the Earth plane. It is really so that our ordinary everyday life issues: work and money, health, relationships, family, all of this really is in some ways very important in the Record, because it is through our human journey that we come to know the Divine Presence. It is not by leaving the human journey, but by allowing ourselves to be human, moving through our humanity we will encounter the Divine. The Record is the space where Heaven and Earth meet.

You asked about the solar system, the truth of the matter is that anyone who wanted to could open the Records of the planets. You could open the Records of the solar system, but you will only get what is yours to know. I may not need to know anything about the planet Mars, but you might open the Records of Mars and get all kinds of stuff. So we don’t know. We are just in the discovery phase, and this is really very exciting to me.

Have you ever heard of cleaning the Akashic Records or removing attachments and things of that nature? I saw one person and they said like everything that they were doing at one point, after the Akashic Records reading everything changed for them. Like the relationship that they were in, they left the relationship; other attachments and other friendships that they had were immediately removed from the individual. So I was wondering if you can give me some clarification on that.

All work in the Records is healing work. It is all energy healing, and the way energy moves is on the spoken word. Now, we know that energy moves on the word. We know that “In the beginning was the Word.” We know the importance of the word.

In the Akashic Records, everything is amplified. We are looking at who you are through the lens, really, of your soul. As we tell the truth about what is going on, that which no longer supports you – it is almost like puncturing a tire and letting the air out. It is like it goes flat. If something is no longer true for you, does not support you, is not good for you, as we tell the truth that is in the Records, this shift occurs.

So what can happen like if we do a reading, we know that in the course of an hour is your whole life changed in the physical? No, but what changes is your relationship to it. Because that which is no longer current, it is almost like we let the air out of that, and as we speak the truth of the moment, it brings life to it, it amplifies it. So, yes, as you go forward after the reading, you may have a very different relationship with your life. Those things that you have really been struggling with, the struggle can go.

Now, this is not magic. So what happens is, if what you have to do is leave your job, if that is really the next right step, and that is revealed in your Records, nobody is going to do it for you unless you get lucky and they fire you; right? The truth is that you still have to act in congruence with what you know to be true. There is the level of knowing, and then there is the level of action. On a spiritual journey, they both count; we have to do both, because this is the physical plane.

Everything can certainly shift, but we cannot undo what has happened. I’ve been working in the Records a long time. If somebody got hit by a car, they got hit by a car, but what can shift is the relationship to the experience. So instead of knowing it as a devastation, we can actually come to see how this was supportive from the level of the soul.

What we see in the Records is how our experiences support us coming into a conscious relationship with our own soul and the Divine. If I look at an experience in my life, and I am condemning it – oh, this is terrible, I was stupid, they were stupid, everybody was wrong – negativity is like Velcro in the energy world. You cannot get rid of something you condemn.

And we know that scripturally. If you release somebody, they are free. That’s the law. In the Records we work with that. We move energy as we speak. We tell the truth, and those whom we release are released, and those whom we bind our bound – within us.

After a reading, we go forward and we are tremendously relieved. If we can make peace and come to a point where we Judge Not, Resist Not, and Fear Not – remember the three absolutes of the Records. We have to get used to that. We live in a very judgmental culture, and we live in a fear-driven culture, especially the last eight years. So much has been fear driven.

If you start working from a place of Fear Not, Judge Not, Resist Not, your relationship to everything that has happened changes. Terrible things happen. Terrible things have been happening to human beings since the beginning of time. This is not personal. This is universal. The human journey is, “Can I know the truth about myself when I am imperfect? Can I know the truth about others when they are imperfect? Can I stop judging and let life be what it is?”

The great Masters were not hitting people over the head with the Book. Jesus did not go to towns and say to people, “You people are a bunch of idiots; you’ve got to get with it.” He didn’t say that. He was like, “You guys are great, and I’ll see you later. You’ll get it when you get it, and in the meantime, you’re cool with me.” He really lived this.

That is our opportunity to have the experience within our own Records and then to begin to see life through that lens. There is no reason to try to erase something from the Records once we see how it has been good for us. Sometimes it’s like, “Oh, that was really a bad situation, but the truth is, that was the most love that I could allow myself to have at that point in time.” Is that sad? Yes. But the journey is growing into, getting used to greater and greater experiences of love, self-respect, dignity.

It seems to me that whenever you are looking at the Akashic Records, that things are being looked at on a much broader level than say the 3-D, material world that we currently live in at this time. Pretty much, it seems to me that we’re here to have experiences, and in the Akashic Records we see how those experiences have shaped our lives for us to learn certain lessons and so forth and so on. Is it possible to read past lives? Like does the Akashic Records cover everything concerning you?

The Akashic Record is not a fishpond of past lives. What happens is that past lives are revealed as it supports us in the present.

Let’s say that I’m having a difficult situation with one of my sisters. I always start with the present, so I go into the Records and I say, “What is going on? I don’t understand this; it doesn’t make sense. We love each other, but we have this difficulty. What is up? Where did this start? What can I do about it? “

So I go into the Records looking for the solution to a problem in my life today, and what I find out – I may see it, I may hear something, I may have a sense of it, but I’ll have this awareness that in another place and time we are fighting over a set of dishes 1,000 years ago. As opposed to me going into my Records and saying, “tell me my past lives.” Well, why? It has to be for a purpose.

It’s not just let’s go look at our past lives. No. This is an infinite spiritual resource for our empowerment and our consciousness development. We don’t need to know all of our past lives. We only need to know the ones that are relevant today, and that is what comes forward in the Record. So we see how unresolved issues from other lifetimes affect us today. We also see that there may have been another time where I was in a situation – let’s say I want to be a better manager, and I go into my Records and say “I need to know how to be a better manager of people. I need some help with this. Please give me guidance.” What may come forward is that there was another lifetime where I was a very good manager of people. The wisdom of other incarnations can become available to us today, and that is fabulous. Yes, there are unresolved issues with people from other times and places, but also, we have been moving through time gathering wisdom and insight and understanding, and this puts us in a position to integrate that into our present day consciousness; to integrate this very deliberately and very consciously, and then to use what we’ve been learning over the centuries. So, yes, there are a couple of different ways to use past lives.

How people can tell the difference between dreams about past lives and fictional scenarios that help them in their present life?

The truth is, nothing can come into your awareness unless you are already related to it. You wouldn’t even have a dream – the dream state is another dimension of consciousness. Nothing can come into your awareness unless you are already related to it. It is an energetic impossibility.

If you say, “Oh, it’s fictional.” Well, is it really? And does it matter? I know that you could not even fathom it unless you were already somehow connected. You can go out into the world, and you will always meet the people that you will meet. There are some people that you can be standing right next to, and they are completely invisible to you, and you to them, because you are not energetically resonating. It is the same thing with our dreams, our perceptions of other times and places, our understandings, only what is ours can be revealed to us.

Dreams are indeed layers or dimensions of consciousness. Are you suggesting that all dreams are facets of past lives or future possibilities?

I’m not a dream expert at all. What I am suggesting is that you could not dream about them unless you were already somehow connected. And here’s the thing about other dimensions of consciousness. Time as we know it on the Earth plane – once you are in a dream, time collapses the same way as it does in a spiritual state, like in the Records.

So, is it the future? Is it the past? Who knows? We have many people who have really prophetic dreams. Everybody has somebody in their life that when they have a dream, we all sit up and listen, because there are some people who have a very strong connection to the dream state. And sometimes it is very much about the future, and sometimes it is not.

Is the Akashic Records something that you can access to find out about the future?

What we get in the Records is not like predetermined, you have to go to Jamaica, and you have to do blah, blah. It’s much more about possibilities and probabilities. It is not about absolutes. This is not some tablet carved in stone that you absolutely must move to the West Coast, or the East Coast, or wherever. It is about who you are as an evolving being. It’s about what are better possibilities for knowing yourself, and what are the ways in which you can experience more love, and allow more love to come through you to share more love. And whether that is in Florida or the Bahamas, it doesn’t matter. What we see in the Records – this is not an oracle that will tell you that you absolutely have to do this or you have ruined your life. What we get in the Records is, “try as you might, you can never ruin your life. Are you ready to take the next step in growing into a richer state of self-love and love for others? Are you ready for more forgiveness?”


  1. Thanks. These Q&A have been very helpful in understanding the Akashic records. I am from the East, and am grateful to learn about the universal principles in the West. Many blessings.

  2. I just found this site and find it very interesting. I am an animal communicator and am finding animals who have had past lives in human incarnation. Are their Akashic records human ones or animal ones? How are animal's Akashic records different? Margaret Dexter


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