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Past Lives, Self Confidence, and Readings for Others

Timeless Wisdom for Contemporary Questions:
Questions and Answers about the Book “How To Read the Akashic Records”

I work a lot with animals, nature, outdoors – always have been connected to it, and I have always been connected to music and helping others. I was curious about past lives. I’d like to find out if there’s a common thread in what I’ve been doing all the way along; if I’m on the right path. I’ve met a lot of people along my journey who have been very inspirational to me. I’m just very curious, like a sponge at the moment, wanting to know more. And I have just started reading your book.

When it is time, it is as if everything shows up. That really is true. When the student is ready, the teacher appears, and we really see that. And yet, there is a certain level of awareness. People come to the Akashic Records as a result of that inner prompting. It is that inner call, and it is the prompting of your soul really saying it is time to know your own soul in a very rich and conscious way.

Working in the Records, what we find, all of your past lives are in there, for better or worse – no, actually, they are all good! Working with the Pathway Prayer Process, the past lives are revealed as they support your healing in the present.

When you go into your Record, the best way to access past life information is to go in asking about something in your present life. And you want to ask questions that are really open-ended, because you always get more. Those are richer questions, they mine the Record. They are more effective when working in the Record. Why am I so drawn to working with animals? Where is that from? That is a question that you take into your Records – and there are a gazillion possibilities. The past lives that are useful to you will be revealed.

What we see often with people with particular talents is that you have done similar work in other lifetimes, and it may be that this incarnation is about taking your gift to the next level.

That is the way I have always felt, and my grandparents have always encouraged that, and they were very amazing people, and I have learned a lot from that, and I have been blessed to have spent a lot of time with my grandparents.

That’s wonderful. This is a wonderful place from which to work in the Records. Within the Akashic Record, everything is in the present. When we move from one dimension of reality, like an ordinary state of consciousness, to an extraordinary state of consciousness, time as we know it collapses and everything is immediately available.

So from an Akashic Records point of view, past lives in some ways are not that big of a deal. Part of our work as practitioners is to discover how are these things revealed to me? When we work in the Records, some people are very visual and see a lot; some people are audial and hear. Many of us have what we call a sense of knowing. Most people have the sense of knowing. In the Records, as we put words to what we are experiencing or what things seem like, as we begin to articulate our experience in the Records, the energy moves. Energy moves on the spoken word. I think that’s one of the first rules we learn about with energy, that energy moves on the spoken word. So we want to be careful about the kinds of words we use, and we want to be conscious of words that we think as well as what we speak.

As we describe situations, the energy shifts. As we tell the truth about old ideas and old patterns, we are actually relieved of them. It is almost like in speaking there is a dissolving of things that don’t fit anymore; old patterns, old ideas.

A few weeks ago I got your book, and I read right through it. Now I’m going back and re-reading the first half about how to open my own Records. I am having difficulty opening the Records, or thinking that I can open the Records. I keep trying, and I haven’t been able to, and I wonder what is in the CD set that may be different.

We have two things to talk about here. The first is what will really support you in shifting into your Records deeper? And the other thing is the CD set. I love the book, but with the book, it’s like do this, do that. It’s a how-to book, and sometimes I find that it can be very challenging to simultaneously try to manage the instructions and have the experience. Where if you are listening to the CDs, when you are listening, you are actually being led through it, so that the pressure of “which step do I do now?” is off of you.

I know what the process is, the way it is spelled out in the book. I did have a question about the light. Is the light – does it matter if it is golden or white?

It makes no difference. That’s interesting, because different people – there are different qualities of light that are made apparent to different people. For some it is very golden, and others report more of a violet hue. The basic color of the light is white, and there are certainly overtones.

There are two things that I would recommend. First, I think it can be very helpful if you just get a notebook and take some questions into the Records, and just ask whatever your questions are, looking for insight. Don’t look for predictions. Look for insight or greater understanding. I would like to understand this relationship better, or that situation. Then just open your Records and jot down whatever it seems like. Don’t evaluate it while you’re doing it. Then close your Records and don’t read it for about a week. Everyday go in, and take a fresh piece of paper and just ask a question or two and write down what it seems like. No evaluation, no judging. Do this every day, and then about a week or 10 days later take a look and re-read and see what it says.

One of the things that happens when we are in the Records is that it can seem very natural, if you are having a more conscious awareness of your own soul.

Do I write the question down before I open the Records, then?

Either way. I know this happens for me all of the time. When I’m working in my Records, I’ll think, “What’s the big deal?” This just makes sense, or it seems so obvious. But then I will come back a week later, and I’m flipping through my notes, and I read it and I think, “God, that’s really good!” I realize that when I have a little distance from it, my perception changes. I would really urge you to do that.

The other thing that I would recommend is to offer to read the Records of another person. Now, you don’t want to scare the daylights out of yourself, and you do not want to put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Go to someone and say, “I’m learning how to do this, and I would like to try it.” What I’ve seen so much is that for many of us, opening the Records of another person, being in the Records from the perspective of serving another will open up our own Records more.

There’s a whole group of people who do excellent work in the Records for others, but their work in their own Records is not as vivid. It does not have much phenomena or sensation. The guidance is valuable and rich, but when they work on the Records of another, it is a much more dramatic process.

I’ve gotten your book over the weekend and I absolutely loved it. I read it straight through. I opened the Records up one time without asking any questions. Right now I’m working as a kinesiologist and I do energy work on my clients. I get good knowing, clear, cognizant information for my clients when I’m working on them, and I also get good information for myself on my own. I call it a download. I kind of wake up with it in the morning. One of the problems that I’m having, I have a lot of self-doubt, and I found that I’m going into the Records for self-serving purposes, and I’m looking for validation like, Is this true? Do I really have these abilities? I’m always looking for validation. How can that interfere with accessing my Records or somebody else’s?

Self-doubt is just the worst, and it interferes. First of all, it is okay if you have self-doubt, we all have it. Think of it as a spiritual practice. I am going to go into the Records, and while I am in the Records, I will take my attention off of myself and my abilities, and my performance, and I will focus on the question. I will focus my attention on that which I seek.

It is a discipline. It is an ongoing challenge for every Akashic Record practitioner. There is an old saying, “By your fruits you shall be known.” You want to take your attention off the “how you are doing” and put it on “what kind of guidance am I getting?” If you are opening the Records of another person, you want to put your attention on them. “How can I help them?” And work with that as a way to get some of this stress, to overcome this obstacle.

Sometimes I think that it does not matter if I doubt myself or not; I can still be useful. My usefulness, your usefulness, does not depend upon you having complete conviction in yourself. It just means that in the moment you are willing to take the next step. In the moment you are willing to extend yourself just a little bit more than ever before. In the moment you are willing to put your attention on the service involved, rather than the process. Whether it is the Pathway Prayer Process or other energy work, the processes are fascinating, but they are methods. They are a means to an end, and the end is to receive more understanding, more wisdom, and compassion than ever before.

I think you nailed it. Self-doubt is an ongoing challenge for people who work in the Records, and in any service to others.

Do you have any suggestions on questions to ask the Masters about how I can better be able to step into those fears? How would I phrase that in a good way to help me overcome that?

It sounds like you just formed a great question to ask in your Records. “Can you please help me to overcome my fears? Show me how to move beyond my self-doubt. Help me to know how to be more useful.”

I’ve only been in the Records one time. While I normally get things either clairaudiently or a knowing, when I went into the Records, I was seeing a lot of things – flashes of things. Is it common for work in the Akashic Records to be completely different than any other experience?

The Records always come to us in a way that challenges us to grow. So if you’re a person who always sees, you may not see anything. There are a lot of people who are visual artists who expect to see, because that is their nature, and they hear, or they have a sense of knowing. The Records always come to us in a way that challenges us to go to the next level, to explore greater knowing. So this happens all of the time.

I have been having past life memories for about six years, and I have also been getting some readings on other people – I do not do it purposely. So when I actually went through the process I was amazed, because that is basically what I’ve been doing, but it was much more powerful using your process. I guess I had been tapping in without realizing it. You mentioned that you have to ask people to do a reading, which I understood. But if I’m dealing with a problem with a person, is it all right if I just ask them to come forth on a soul level?

No. Leave them alone. When you go into your own Records, let’s say you are dealing with a relationship issue with another person. When you ask from within your own Records for guidance or illumination, asking for help in a relationship situation, your own Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones will bring to your awareness that which you need to know about the other person. There is so much about other people that is frankly none of our business. What you need to understand so that you can heal will be revealed to you. Then you will have a shift, and in your everyday life, your challenge then is to be different, to be healed in that relationship, which will happen. In the Records, we do not – that’s different work where you go in and meet with the soul of another person. There is just no reason to do that. The truth is, what you need to know about others will be revealed to you in a way that is useful to you in solving your problem, and that is the way to look at it.

Here’s the truth. Every relationship issue we have is not about what is happening between us. It is about what is happening within us. Every relationship issue is an externalization, a manifestation of some incongruence within our own awareness. In the Records, we work within our own soul and our own relationship there. As we resolve any of our own internal conflicts, misperceptions, misunderstandings, distortions, our relationships with others come to peace. Then if, indeed, you need to have a conversation with another person, you are coming from a place of being healed, and it is very powerful and effective for you and for them, as well. So it is a different angle.

It is a different angle. I am excited to hear this about you finding the prayer, because it will enable you to work in the Records at will, and how fabulous is that? It will also give you a lot more authority. Especially for people who are very sensitive to energies, it can be very challenging to walk around in the world getting hits about everybody else. This way is like “Wait a second, don’t bother me right now, I’m at the movie.” This way gives you more authority in your relationship with the Divine Spirit, and that is great.

Once you begin doing Akashic Records readings for other people, we call it the 30-day grace period. In that 30-day period, it is a good idea not to collect money. You have the option of going to people and saying, “Listen, I’m learning how to do this, please let me read your Records. “

After the first 30 days, you can say, “I’m learning how to read the Akashic Records, and if you would ever want a reading, please let me know.” And then we let it go. Because you never want anyone to have a reading unless it is their choice. This is a very adult, intimate work, and we want everyone to step into the work of their own accord, and we honor that. You want to have a chance to practice.

I have been making a living reading other people’s Akashic Records, and you can certainly do that. In the beginning, give yourself a chance to read other people without having to figure out how much money do I charge? Just give yourself a chance to be in the Records, to experience the energy, to learn about how it works for you.

The other idea is that you do not want to mix working in the Akashic Records with other systems during the first 30 days. You really want to know how this energy works with you before you start mixing it with other things. People mix it all the time with different systems. People open the Records and read astrology charts. People open the Records and look at the Tarot. People open the Records and do many, many different practices, and they are a wonderful support for some people, and for other people it doesn’t work. So you just experiment.

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