Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Akashic Records and 2012: A unique period of transformation

According to the Long Cycle Calendar of the Mayan Calendar, December 21, 2012 is the final date. Every quarter of this Long Cycle Calendar has been marked by dramatic shifts in the planet itself, in the form of floods and earthquakes. As we approach the calendar date of 12.21.2012, we are under the influence of the energies converging to facilitate a significant transformation. Some speculate that it may be the end of the world. I prefer to think that it is the end of the world as we know it. There are some matters of significance in this time of change worth examining.

Throughout history, there have been many times of radical change and transformation in the world. These range from the discovery of the wheel, the mastery of fire, the codification of laws, the steam engine, the printing press, the car and the Internet. Each of these are an expression of the stage or development of consciousness of humanity, “as within, so without.” Human beings are aware of themselves and as we become conscious of ourselves at increasingly deeper levels in the dimension of spirituality, and as our relationships with our inner selves expand, we see corresponding growth and progress in the world around us. One of the major purposes of incarnation on earth is to see life in physical form, and to experience the life force manifesting through the physical aspect.

Our current sophisticated communication and information technologies make it possible for tremendous numbers of people to be aware of this shift and to share in the experience. It is the most conscious age shift ever. This is radical and is the most inclusive and diverse age change yet. The grass roots availability of the internet, television, and other forms of electronic communication, is an expression of the awareness of humanity for itself as a group. This is not a shift for an exclusive, elitist group of white men. This change is for everyone; including women and racial minorities...all really does mean all. Even though we humans may be self-centered, we are recognizing that we are not here alone and we are actually interdependent with those who are here with us, those who have gone before and those who will follow.

What is most significant is that we are being challenged to examine ancient understandings, all old ideas and assumptions we have considered sacred, immutable truths. In this transition, we in the Western culture are being given the opportunity to explore the foundation principles of the Judeo-Christian tradition which has formed and governed the growth of our consciousness for the past 2500 years. Some of the most basic notions, like “God is good and people are bad,” or “God punishes the bad guys,” “God is on our side but not our enemies side,” or “God wants us to suffer,” or “God will love us if we are good,” (but not if we are bad.) All of these and more are up for review.

We actually have the opportunity to step away from the degrading aspects of these traditions and can make conscious, deliberate choices about what we know to be true from our own experiences. There are two parts to this. One is that, for the first time in about 2500 years, our cultural assumptions do not have to be rooted in ideas that are demeaning, limiting and untrue. This is the essence of the “New Age.” It really is a “new age.” It is a new age of self-awareness, of knowing the truth of who we are and a new age of knowing the truth of who others are as well.

It is also outrageous that this is the first time in history where the change is organic at a global level. This is a change that is occurring within individuals of all classes, socio-economic groups, races, and genders. It is moving from within individuals out into the world. This is not the result of a papal edict, a military victory, or a political coup. This is the time of each individual recognizing their worth as an expression of the essential Divine and the worth of all others. This time is of personal responsibility and personal authority, of being aware of oneself as the one who is the chooser in life and accepting that role.

As a student and teacher of the Akashic Records as a spiritual resource for empowerment and consciousness development, I encourage everyone to learn how to work in their own Records and those of others to support navigation of this amazing time. We are in a time of liberation from the limiting aspects of religions. Religions were originally set up as external organization and practices and structures through which we humans hoped to experience the Divine reality, and avoid ostracism. In contrast, the Akashic Record is an internal beam of light through which individual people can access the Divine Presence. The Akashic Record is the perfect resource for our time.

The imperative of the 2012 transformation is that individuals find a way to be in conscious contact with the Divine. Through this conscious relationship with the essence of Life, each will be transformed according to their own needs, for their own good and the subsequent good of all. It’s a curious thing that we have great attention on this time period as a time of collective change. That is true. The collective change is a result of a sea of individuals transforming internally, then, this huge collection of transformed individuals form the collective. Nothing will happen to “the collective” as a group. It will occur within specific individuals who will know themselves to be one of a greater group. This is also another radical departure from the past ways of change. This is from the inside out, one individual after another, after another, rather than imposed from above or outside by an outer force, imposed upon the group. The collective will not recognized as a single unit but rather as the congregation of individual persons.

It appears that we are moving toward one world religion….known for inclusion and diversity. Free from the fear based degrading ideas of the past. This time is the passage away from isolation to cohesion without coercion, from addiction to the illusion of separation to harmony with the reality of our oneness with the Divine and one another.

I believe that any system or method or way that supports you in the experience of the Divine reality is the ticket for our times. We are leaving the age of knowing about god and moving into the age of knowing god. This requires examining our own ideas of god, putting them to the test….is this a god worth trusting, letting go of superstition, moving beyond the limiting beliefs our tribal leaders put in place to keep us in place. This is the time to actively seek the face of god in your day, put god to the test, demand to see the life of god--not Santa Claus, but GOD. Look. Challenge. If your god is too fragile for your challenges, fire that god and get another.

The more each of us has direct experience of Divine life, the easier it is to let go and release the lesser parts of ourselves. When we have a sense of the certainty of god and love, we can do anything. In order to get to the age of outrageous possibility, we have to walk through the discovery of the reality of the Divine.

The Akashic Record does not conflict with any religion, does not impose itself, does not coerce. The Akashic Record is a spiritual resource that allows. It is a dimension of consciousness; it’s a sanctuary, a safe place to be as you allow yourself to know your true nature more than ever.

We see in this transition that each of us is responsible for our own experience. We can be supported and encouraged by others but we must go to that place within on our own. We support and encourage others knowing that they will go there as well. We can be there for each other, not because we are spiritual cripples, no--because we each have the potential to know the Divine truth within ourselves and to see it in others. As we do this we may find ourselves on edge and uncomfortable. It may be foreign, because it is not about form but about our own experience.

As we engage in this process, we will naturally express our magnificence, naturally live in peace with others, and naturally contribute to the well-being of others. When we are touched the Divine reality, our hearts and minds are transformed from those of fearful children clinging to books of rules and regulations for behavior to the generous, gracious adults we are in truth.

The Akashic Record is the space of judge not, resist not, fear not. It is the space of unconditional regard. The space holds us as we release the negative myths about ourselves and others and grow into the amazing truth of who we are. In this time of unprecedented global awakening, one soul at a time, it is an ideal navigational resource for all.