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Self Healing, Dreams, and Records Protocol

Timeless Wisdom for Contemporary Questions:
Questions and Answers About the Book “How To Read the Akashic Records”

I think I was drawn to the book because there are things that my soul wants me to know that I have up to this point not wanted to know and deal with. I’ve done a lot of writing about healing yourself. A psychic once told me, “You know, you’re a wounded healer.” And that’s not what I wanted to be. I just wanted to write. I think this is my soul’s way of easing me into this work that I’ve done many lifetimes, and it’s my soul’s way of telling me what I need to know.

Tell me, as you’re working with the book, how is it informing you? How do you see it making a difference? As a writer, you are very sensitive, and it’s very challenging to be exposed or revealed in this way. How is this supporting you?

I have twice come in contact, usually through meditation, with an individual--someone who’s been with me. I know him and I recognize him. The first time I told him I’m not ready. The second time I was in meditation, and this individual is leaning up against a bookshelf in a huge library, and he smiled at me and winked at me. I realize this is easing me into this. I’ve had past life regression, and I didn’t want that, I didn’t want the responsibility, and I just wanted to live my life. The book is allowing me--it’s giving me the courage to go into it.

That’s great. There is a Divine reason, there is a higher reason for this.

Very much so. That’s why I have not gone into the Records yet. I know once I access those Records, there’s no turning back!

Linda: (Laughing.)
I have to tell you something honey, it’s already too late!

This is very sacred, and I already know the sacredness of this. In this life it’s just something that I ran from.

It’s time. It’s time.

I am similar to [the first person who spoke], I feel like it’s my soul’s calling, it’s time. I have tried lots of different ways – or my soul has tried to contact me. At night, I’m a huge dreamer, probably for the last four years, -- when it started about four years ago, I asked a question and went to sleep, and my soul said, “She’s finally asking a question!” It’s really hard for me to understand what they’re saying. I’ve been searching for a way when I’m awake to have access to the information in a form that I can understand.

When I read the book – I’ve heard of the Akashic Records before, but I hadn’t gone back, because I don’t want an intermediary, I know I can do this myself. When I found the book, I thought, “This is great, I can do this.” My block is still there, I still feel like I am in the Records, but the flow is not there yet. I don’t get words or information. I think I may be getting something, but my mind is telling me I’m not.

This is one of the biggest challenges for all of us. We are always in the question, Is this real? Is this valid? What are the results of this? This will keep us on track. You know, it’s one of those simple laws of energy: whatever you focus on is what will expand or get stronger.

So in the collective, we are coming out of really 25 years of focusing on our blockages. First of all, they’re fascinating, and we thought that was the way to get rid of them, to focus on them to examine them, but the blockages are still there.

So what we want to do now – you don’t want to pretend it’s not there. All blockages are really rooted in fear. Take the attention – remember we want to focus on what we want more of. What we want is flow, freedom, clarity. And what will always dislodge the blockage is a sense of safety. So you want to be praying about “How can I experience more safety?” Have that be your question instead of “How do I move the blockage?“ We love our blockages, because they’ve really saved us from God knows what. Be in the question of – be in your prayers and be in your Records and before you go to bed, ask “How can I be in the experience of safety?” “How can I experience the security of Life?” “How do I get there?”

That’s one piece of this puzzle. The other is this: In your work, it’s more helpful to be looking at the information that you’re getting, instead of looking at how you’re getting the answer to the question. The Records are fascinating. They are not about phenomena. A lot of people have interesting experiences with the energy. Some people see or hear things, some may get a tap on the shoulder. A lot of people do brilliant work who aren’t seeing a dang thing! Don’t get too hung up on that.

Focus on “What am I walking away with?” “What kind of results is this experience creating within me?” “Am I experiencing peace, harmony?” “Am I upset?”

This really takes practice. There are no short-cuts. The more you work in the Records, even if it is 15 minutes at a time, what are you getting? What is my feeling about who I am in my life and my challenges as I walk away from the Records? Who am I in my life today as a result of being in the Records?

Many people who have these--like dreamtime shamans--many people will have this strong dreamtime access. When they work in the Records during the day, it’s like the Records get under the dream state. Don’t open the Records and go to sleep. That won’t be helpful. You don’t want to be in two places at once. Be one place at a time, and know where you are. But it can actually power-up your dream state work.

Can you open your records and go to work?

No, open the Records before you go to work and ask for guidance for your work day and close the Records when you have received the guidance. How can I be a better whatever? How can I improve the quality of my service through my work? You don’t want to open your Records and go drive a bus. That’s stupid! The idea is these are different states of awareness, and it’s not helpful to either one. When you’re in a spiritual state, you want to be there, and you don’t want to be distracted by checking groceries or performing surgery. You want to be fully using your human faculties and you want to do your best work.

Explore the issues of your work day in the Records, but not while you’re working.

I want to know how to use it in the moment? How can I take care of my patients on the physical level, the mental level, the spiritual level.

At work, you want to be an Olympic athlete. You have to be very grounded to be an efficient transmitter. I go in the morning and I open my Records, and I’m like, “Show me what I can do today to help these people. Help me to be the best transmitter of light and love.” Say, “I am at your service, help me to be who you have meant me to be.” You may get some insights; you may not get anything. You close your Records, and then you go to work.

The Akashic Records want us to be fully developed as human beings. When you are with a patient, cleaning a wound, giving them medicine, this is what incarnation is about--that the Divine energy moves through the human beings that we are. It’s a discipline that you want to work on. It’s really a spiritual practice so that you grow into the ability to transmit more Light incrementally. I think that’s much more efficient, because when you’re in that dimension of the Records, it softens the edge of your mental body. If you’re working with anything from electricity to another human being, you want your mental body to be clear and sharp. The Earth plane is pretty dense out here. You want to move in and out of state on this, and I know you will get better results.

So that means I shouldn’t freak out if I ask those questions before going to work, and I don’t get anything?

Right. I go into the records and I ask 35 questions, and sometimes what happens is that it is not useful for me to have all that information. Remember the Records are energy first, information second. Turns out that when I’m at my niece‘s birthday party, while I’m there, I receive what I need. I’m a focal point for receptivity, and I can receive the guidance that I need on the spot. There I am at the party, and I’m very clear. Oh, this is really how to conduct myself. This is how I can help, as opposed to being at the party with my Records open and being a little daffy. It’s kind of like smoking a joint or being high. Maybe it’s great fun, but it’s not the best way to get clarity.


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