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Taking Classes, Personal Quests, and Kryon

Timeless Wisdom for Contemporary Questions:

Questions and Answers About the Book “How To Read the Akashic Records”

I’m thinking about going to one of your certification classes and I’m wondering what I might expect to get from the class that I won’t get from having read the book?

One of the things you will get is a certificate and become a certified practitioner. Although the book and cd set are a great way to learn, I cannot certify your training. However, if you come to a live class, you will be a certified practitioner. In some ways, getting the certificate can be very important, because it signifies that you have taken a significant step in your own initiation. You have made a greater commitment. In response to your commitment, I show up, and I teach you.
Also, when we work live, I can help you. If there are some areas where you struggle, I can actually help you with that if we are together in person. The energy of a group is always fabulous, because the group is working together and headed in the same direction, so it makes it easier to go deeper, faster.

It’s the difference between digging a hole on your own and digging a hole with a group. You can dig the hole on your own, and do a great job. We have a pond in our backyard, and my partner was digging the hole and doing a fine job. And then a friend came over, and soon everybody was working together, and the hole was done in no time. The hole was going to get done one way or another, and it was going to be a perfect hole. However, with group participation, it is kind of like it eases obstructions, interferences, and it makes the journey a little easier.

I have been working in the Records since 1994 and teaching since 1996. When I see you in person, I can see what will help you, and how to enable you to go deeper. I know you are committed to this; you are not committed to skating on the surface. People come to this work because of their internal calling. This is the urging of the soul. It is a soul-level prompting, and you are brought to this work.

This is profound work, and I know if you are called to this work, you are called to it because of your commitment to depth, your commitment to the truth, your commitment to exploration and discovery. I also really believe that there are parts of our inner work that we can only do ourselves. We have to walk down our own paths. And I think it comes with spiritual maturity when you realize, I can get there, I can dig to China, and if I go on my own, it will take 200 to 300 years. But if I get some help, it may only take me two days. To really recognize when it is appropriate to get help on the path, and what kind of help do I really need? Assistance, training, teaching, those may be better words than help, but we really want to look at that.

Follow up:
Should I also sign up for the Ancestral Clearing Class after the certification?

Usually, the Practitioner’s Certification is Friday night and Saturday. And then Sunday there is a one-day class in clearing unwanted ancestral patterns. The idea is that we will move from technique into the application. You will leave with some tools. You will leave knowing what protocols are effective within the Records. Clearing unwanted ancestral issues is so natural in the Records, because in the Records, there is no time. There is only now. You cross that line between an ordinary state of consciousness and a non-ordinary state of consciousness, and time just collapses. It is all nowness, and we get to work with the present moment in the Records.

The present moment really is the point of power, and that is where we begin our work in the Records. We can work with how to be in right relationship energetically, with our lineage, with our family of origin, and make the shift so that we can enjoy the benefits, the advantages of any line through which we have come. No line is all good or all bad. That is an old idea. Our work as seekers and practitioners of the Light, our work is to discover the Light in the dark places, and to live from there. It’s one of my favorite types of work. I think you will love it.

I have had some readings done, and they all have said pretty much the same thing. And when I’ve asked about location – and I think you’ve pretty much answered my question -- when I asked, Am I where I need to be? What about some other locations? Most of the suggestions were like lateral moves. They gave me other names, but they were all about the same. They were all like lateral moves.

As much as I have done in my life, I think that it has all led up to something that I am not doing yet. I am real clear about that. What does that look like? I have no idea. I am currently serving as an assistant minister. I am an ordained pastor, and yet I know that there is still something that I need to be doing with what I already have been doing, something new, something different, and I’m getting to the point now where I really want to know, and I don’t like staying in the question. I’ve tried releasing it and releasing it, but it is not coming to me, and I’m ready. Give me patience, now! That kind of thing.

Of course! Here is what I want to offer. It’s a very interesting situation that you are in, because as you speak, it is really very clear you are on the path. It is always alive, and there is always a next step, and there is always the next question, and really how beautiful that is. I understand that from where you sit this is really annoying and uncomfortable, but it really says so much about the aliveness of the path. It’s not like we get on the path and that’s it, we go to sleep. I think that is really quite beautiful.

As you speak, it occurs me that it may well be that what is next for you has not existed yet. Do you see? Because you are not here to do something that was done 100 years ago, or 50 years ago, or even 20 years ago. You are here to do a new thing, and it may be that new thing is just being revealed now. Do you see? This also illustrates another really wonderful understanding: that our personal journey is always in alignment with the universal journey, which I think is quite beautiful.

Your personal quest is bringing you right up to the 2012 time. We are in the New Age, but dimensionally, we are on the verge of a revolution. It is natural for you to have this question, this sense that ‘I think there is something more.’

That is fascinating. It may be really helpful to look and see if the Records are right for you, are good for you. Have you read my book?

It is experiential reading, so that if you read it, it is very activating, and it could raise some questions, and then we can talk. I think that would be a next good step to take.

I have the opportunity to study with Kryon. He talks a lot about mining the Akash. He said that he was a former engineer and couldn’t talk in front of people. Yet, being a channel for Kryon, he needed that skill and he felt woefully deficient. So he talked about mining the Akash, and going in and asking for guidance from a prior lifetime. Because he said that we have all been pretty much everywhere already, we can call up that experience from the Akashic Record to give ourselves the skill.

What a great point that you have raised here. This is really good. In my book, in the section on past lives, there are protocols, and it is on the CD set too.

There are protocols, yet you can go into the Records and ask for another lifetime, another expression of yourself in space and time. Ask for another lifetime where you had mastery of whatever skill you need, whether it is public speaking, or any number of things. You can go in and you can ask. There are a few different ways that it can work. What is available is that we have a conscious connection and transmission of those gifts, talents, and abilities that we have carried within ourselves through time. It is fabulous, and very supportive.

From a Records point of view, this is not that big of a problem. In an ordinary state of consciousness, you have a big problem here. But from a Records point of view, it is in the grid, it is in the energy. The soul is like a Light. The energy field around us, the pattern, is a Light grid. And the Light grid carries potential. If in a lifetime you have been a senator, then the experience of a senator, and everything that goes with that – there can be good things, and there can be difficult things – everything is in your field. We are working through time to be aware of the wholeness of ourselves, the goodness of ourselves, and to consciously integrate, to the best of our ability, to integrate these different dimensions of ourselves. To know ourselves in the fullness. We are moving from glory to glory to glory, into greater knowing and greater knowing, and greater knowing, and this can be facilitated through our work in the Records.

Then I can call on my past experience of reading the Akashic Records?

No, no, no, no. I would not do that, and I will tell you why. You always want to work in the present moment, especially when you are making a dimensional shift in consciousness. I want to be clear that I am standing here today in Forest Park, Illinois. This is about being conscious and responsible. For the shift itself, you do not need to call upon another time and place where you had mastery of the Records, because where you want to make the shift from ordinary to non-ordinary, or from ordinary to extraordinary, is NOW. And that is very present tense, and it actually is – you want to be as deliberate and conscious and grounded about changing states of consciousness as you can. It will give you more authority in the process.

This is a complicated question, because we are talking about dimensional states, and– in order to maintain your responsibility, you want to keep that in the present. In this moment, I am going to be in this consciousness, and in this moment, I am shifting into another, and I want that pathway to be clear, deliberate, responsible, so that I can get into another state, and I want to be able to get back. People change state all of the time. But we are talking about being responsible, because the way to have authority over this is to be willing to take the responsibility.

The other thing to know is that your expertise in your relationship with the Akasha and the Akashic Record is something that is ongoing. This is your very own soul that we are talking about, and you are always in relationship with your soul. What we are working with is our level of awareness of that relationship. And that is also very much grounded in the present.
Well, I will have to pray with the others for some patience also then.

This patience thing--what is all that about? What is very challenging about patience right now is that we are in a time of universal urgency. You can feel it. We all know that our relationship with time has changed. There is an urgency. It is very tricky, I think, to be disciplined and sequential in our actions, while we experience the urgency. Urgency is your friend. Urgency will keep you going, but it can only be relieved incrementally with small steps. I know it’s hard. I think this is like my big life lesson, and the older I get, the worse it gets.

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