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What do the Akashic Records have to say about 2012?

When we speak of 2012, to what are we referring?

December 21, 2012 is the final date at the end of the Mayan Calendar, the Long Cycle. Every quarter of this Long Cycle Calendar has been marked by a dramatic shift in the planet itself, in the form of floods and earthquakes. As we approach the calendar date of 12.21.2012, we are under the influence of the energies converging to facilitate a significant transformation. There is some speculation that it is the end of the world. It may well be the end of the world as we know it. The I Ching also recognizes the significance of this date as a time of great change. Edgar Cayce, the “sleeping prophet,”of the 20th century United States, saw this time from the perspective of the Akashic Records. He saw this time as one where the magnetic poles of the planet would change.

We do not know the exact form this revolution will take. We do see that we are already being influenced by the acceleration of time, the intensification of internal urging to grow and change and the external disturbances in the status quo. Even if we do not subscribe to ancient ideas or spiritual prophecy, it is hard to ignore the fact that life as we have known it for the past few hundred centuries is already changing.

All external change is preceded by internal rearrangements and that is the part of the process we are currently in.

This topic is bigger than you realize. We'll look at it in two major parts. Let's find out what 2012 is all about and then we can examine how to handle it.

There have been times in our history of radical shift, mobilizing the hearts and minds of everyone on the planet at the same time. The Reformation in the 1560s in Western Europe and the Revolutions in America and France in 1776-1789 are two of the most similar in modern times. This passage of 2012 is quite like these in many respects.

Many mythologies point to this upcoming year as the most significant in centuries and they are all correct. Mayan calculations are valid; the seeds of this monumental shift have been planted into the deepest parts of human consciousness over time, as a goal to work toward, a pivotal point in modern times.

What’s important is that, the seeds, the roots, have been growing for a long, long time now and the fruits of this growth are becoming apparent. The process you see is that of the dissolution of the old order, the current order. Every structure, institution, organization, dogma, infrastructure that is rotten, decaying, decomposing, and insufficient to hold up the new level of aliveness being infused and experienced through individuals is doomed to disappear.

The death process is pretty messy and messy is the current state of affairs globally. It's a two-part process. The letting go of what no longer works and the allowing or being open to new outcomes. Allowing the new reality to emerge without the poison of fear and its accompanying over coercion by the fearful and controlling people on the planet. The process is already underway and what we do now, how we manage ourselves personally, will have a significant impact on the whole of the unfolding and emergence.

So the roots are in; the seeds are sown. The idea of a radical shift, an acceleration of life processes, is germane to the mythologies and prophecies addressing this time frame. Some are more negative and scary and others more hopeful and positive. There is a range of understandings about this time of transition and it’s important to know the source of the prophecy. Ultimately, each of us will experience the time passing through our own belief-filter. We are all at liberty to choose which interpretations will support us and which will paralyze us. Even the spin around 2012 is part of the opportunity to grow in spiritual maturity.

The particular time of change is spiritual first, everything else second. Since the mid 1960s, we have been active at the level of the mainstream consciousness in entertaining new ideas and expanding our powers of perception, understanding, and responsibility. This process has been gaining in momentum to lead us to this convergence time-zone. Just think for a minute, in 1975 in western popular culture, how many people even knew what a chakra was? Not many. The early 1980s introduced some wonderful new options for everyday people to wake up into their spiritual nature. Creative visualization, affirmations, intention, alignment of mind and heart, harmony between mind and body….why these were known only to occultists and oddballs 50 years ago. Now, your neighbors all know about these and your talk shows expound on them whether in serious teaching or in jest. So, we have been gathering steam for the big changes that are happening now.

Globally, the economic structure is writhing, politics are scrambling, religious institutions fracturing and decomposing, physical infrastructures ranging from educational institutions to hospitals to highways are worn out and inadequate to hold the present and take us into the future. As our relationship to the truth of our spiritual identity comes into proper alignment, our outer worlds will take right shape and form.

We know from observing nature that all change occurs internally first, then, externally.

What do we do now?

Now, the opportunity of '09 is the time for personal inventory. To take stock of ourselves...take your own inventory as opposed to the inventory of your mate or child. It's a very personal individual activity and each individual adult is called or challenged to a new level of honesty and humility. The honesty is about who I am today and what do I need now to support myself-- to support the possibility for who I am now and who I am becoming...this will determine what to keep, what to release. You know the law is clear that you will never have enough of what you
really don't want. You'll never be satisfied with the finest of what you don't really want, so pass it on. If you're vegetarian you won't ever be happy with Omaha steaks or Japanese kobe beef, so give it to a carnivore!

As each of us engages in this process, a better distribution of resources will naturally occur. If we can approach the issue of distribution of goods and services from the inside, it can cause a huge shift so that there is a more even appropriation, without deprivation or even Robin Hood taking from the rich to give to the poor.

So, if we stop supporting what we don’t want or need and let those structures crumble, we’ll have energy for what we really want to be revealed. But our work now is to say “no” to what we don’t want….not a hostile “NO” but a gracious, “No, thank you…” Try it.

If we are engaging in this letting go consciously we CAN avert disaster. Rigidity and fixed attitudes will cripple us at this time. Disaster would be in the realm of the whole dang house of cards collapsing. People getting hysterical as their impotent governments and corporations crash. Disaster would be military mobilization to enforce supporting archaic organizations. We have to actually live through the time of change and we have choices about how to proceed. It can be a trip to hell or a heavenly journey. It’s our choice.

As we stop putting our money into groups that do not represent us or align with our values, they will collapse. This is good. Consider, if your government does not represent you, why pay taxes? You may not be ready to stop paying taxes, but you may be ready to reflect on one of the founding principles of the American Revolution: that taxation without representation is tyranny.

If you are involved with a religious group that no longer supports you, or if you find you keep trying to change their direction…why not just let go and attend where you are in a more harmonious relationship? Let those around you pursue their truth even if you don’t agree with their direction. That is not for you to determine. Walk away from what is not your truth and walk toward what is. Simple, actually.

Every area of life is up for scrutiny. Take the opportunity. As you do this consciously, you’ll notice a great release of your personal energy. You’ll feel better. Plain and simple.

Next, from this place, you can ask the universe to show you what’s next for you. From this place of clarity, you’ll be able to hear the whisper of the inner voice, to see the face of divine opportunity in front of you, as you go about your day.

There is a lot of pressure building around this 2012, as it should be. The pressure is growing to make each individual a bit uncomfortable, so that it’s easier to make the necessary personal changes. Change is often so difficult for humans and discomfort, discontent, disease, the whole “dis” family conspires to enable people to make change more easily. This pressure, if ignored, will lead to Big Problems. The Big Problems will be self-destructive behavior, increase in addictions, escalation of difficulties in intimate relationships, family and siblings, tribal gang warfare in neighborhoods--no matter what the economic level, and riotous behavior in the workplace. Mayhem and bedlam on the streets and in the government….you see, it’s time for change and we can either cooperate with the forces that be or be crushed by them.

This 2012 zone is comparable to the Age of the Reformation in 1560. That was the most recent dramatic shift in the collective spiritual consciousness (prior to that was the institutionalization of Christianity in the 300s). What happened in the Reformation is that the collective consciousness, through the combination of individuals awakening, broke free from a blind, childish allegiance to an office of leadership (the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church) into a dimension of increased personal authority, personal understanding, and personal responsibility with regard to the common western way of group think of the time. It was unprecedented. It was dangerous. It was courageous. The whole of western civilization was welded to this idea of total unquestioning allegiance to the Church…the Church and the State were one. People who lived outside of the Church were deprived of the customary benefits of society.

Martin Luther was a true radical in his time. His idea was that the Pope was not a divine authority, a scandalous notion at the very least.

We in the west are still living under the organization that emerged through the Protestant Reformation. Now, we are poised to go beyond that framework and to allow a new organization to be revealed.

The impact is dramatic for a few reasons. First, technology has taken us beyond traditional physical limitations of time and space. The boundaries have been dissolved and we can exchange ideas in seconds. Next, traditional mainstream religions are in a decline. Even with the intermittent surges of evangelism, which are a natural occurrence in the American religious journey, mainstream religions are not meeting the needs of people and membership is in decline. This is important because 2012 is not just for the “new agers”! The New Agers are the front runners of the movement but this is not an exclusive movement. And they are not doing this alone. It won’t be long before we will look at the New Agers and smile at their simplicity.

Finally, humanity is ready to be in direct conscious contact with their own spiritual authority. Humanity is evolving. Individuals are ripe to take more responsibility for themselves than ever before. People are exhausted from the failure of their self-will and are open, willing, and ready to surrender to a greater power and wisdom than they ordinarily possess. This is happening globally at so many levels. This is now happening in a potent way in the United States. This is the “prep work” of 2012. Just as 2012 is not a singular event, but a space in time, it identifies a shift that is already underway. If we move with the current, it will be wonderful, messy but beautiful. If we resist, it will hurt. Nothing hurts more than resisting a change whose time has come.

Now, be clear this is occurring within individuals and groups of individuals …it’s actually contagious. People see the light go on in the eyes of their friends and it reminds them of their own inner light.

This process occurs within the individual but is supported in groups. We are interdependent beings. We cannot do everything alone. The paradox is that we can only do our part for ourselves, we cannot do another’s for them, they cannot do ours for us…this is a flow of independence and interdependence. The spiritually mature discover this and go with the flow, allowing the process to unfold.

Here is the key to 2012…this is the time when individuals’ awareness of themselves and others will cause improvement in the quality of the human experience. It will take us into life as opposed to away from life. It will clear away the false perception we have of ourselves and others and enable us to see the truth. We will see others in their divine potential, and we will respond to one another in that way, from that place of true knowing.

As we experience greater peace and unity within ourselves, we will bring that to our relationships, all of them, whether in the bedroom or the board room. This is the light of transformation. The light of the spiritual revolution that is already underway.

The seeds of 2012 were planted in the hearts, minds, and souls of man long, long ago. The bloom is upon us. Our work now is to eliminate the weeds of fear that will sprout. Keep letting go of the old and keep your attention on the light. Glorious things will come to pass for you and everyone you know…and everyone you don’t know.

We see in this transition a shift in the focal point of our reliance. Until now, we have placed our reliance upon ourselves and other people. We have placed our reliance on gods or God of every sort. This is the point in time where the mass of humanity will shift from self-reliance to Divine Reliance…not on a religious god, but on the pure life energy that is God…known by so many different names by so many differing peoples. This shift will be out of necessity. Many have been making this energetic journey but as time takes us to 2012, the majority of us will be forced to do so as well. The human condition is a condition of reliance….the limitations of the human condition require people to access power beyond the physical self. This juncture will force the mass of humanity to let go of reliance on superstition, the idea of a god, and put it on the light of the universe, the pulse and heart of the cosmos.

As we rest and relax into that dimension of power and consciousness, we will be given everything we need to navigate this dramatic and wonderful time.

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Insights at the Edge

Tami Simon, founder and publisher of Sounds True, interviews spiritual teachers, visionary writers, and living luminaries about their newest work and current challenges--the "growing edge" of their inner inquiry and outer contribution to the world.

Tami Simon speaks with Linda Howe about the Akashic Records.

Released May 26, 2009 (51 minutes)

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