Friday, March 6, 2009

Spiritual Revolution

It really looks like we are at the foothills of a spiritual revolution. This revolution involves the shift away from dogma, institutions and religiosity to responsible individual spiritual authority enjoyed independently and in groups. The new availability of the Akashic Records to the general public is a part of this revolution.

Looking back in time, we see there is a relationship between advancement in communication technology and expansion in spiritual awareness. Prior to the invention of the printing press in 1450 by Gutenberg, dissemination of spiritual ideas was incredibly slow by today's standards. The transmission of the key understandings of Buddhism and Christianity was limited to people religiously connected, wealthy and moved at a snail's pace. Scholarly study of sacred text and letters was open to these exclusive groups. Word of mouth and direct experience of the Teacher were the primary means of education for everyone else. Anchoring the movement of the major world religions required time, actually centuries. Still strong in presence and influence, we know the methods of education and transmission were effective even if slow.

In the past 500-600 years, we have witnessed an explosion in communication technology which has accelerated the growth of spiritual awareness for the human race. With the printing press up and running in Western Europe, religious documents were more accessible than ever before in human history. Within 100 years, in 1520, Martin Luther took his famous stand against the Catholic Church and for greater religious freedom, launching the Reformation.

The next great surge was in the 19th century, corresponding to the harnessing of electrical power. Morse put together the telegraph in 1837, Bell invented the telephone in 1876 and by 1878, Edison had a working light bulb. Rooted in spiritualism, metaphysics and transcendentalism the Great Awakening took hold in the States. Within mainstream Protestant denominations the trend from legalism gravitated toward emotionalism and evangelism. New Thought ideas broke into the arena of spiritual conversation led by Quimby who taught Mary Baker Eddy who started the Christian Science Church. M. Blatavsky heading up the Theosophists, Stiener the Anthrosophists were introducing their understandings in Europe. Consciousness liberation was afoot suggesting such principles as "mind over matter" and "spirit as source of all power being greater than material strength." Gone from the new movement in spiritual awareness was blind allegiance to a single creed. For the past 100-150 years, the collective consciousness has been growing accustomed to more choice, more independence, more authority and more responsibility that secular folks have ever enjoyed.

Splitting of the atom at the University of Chicago in 1938, broke open new dimensions of inner realms. The balance of the century became about exploring, comprehending and harnessing multiple dimensions of conscious awareness for the improvement of the human condition and enrichment of the quality of life for all of us.

Now, here we are in 2009. The internet has revolutionized our ability to connect. Within minutes, we can communicate with millions. Spiritual education and transmission are radically expanded and available to the masses. Audio and visual technologies make it possible for people to be touched, moved and enlightened even if they can't read. Technology has made it possible for people all over the world to get their questions answered and their spiritual needs met. This is the perfect environment for the spiritual revolution. Technology is recognized a a resource available to all, with the assumption that everyone is entitled to access. Enter the Akashic Records, via the Pathway Prayer Process based on the same understanding. Assuming that everyone is entitled access to this spiritual resource. Fascinating that the Akashic Records have been referred to by Chaney of Astara, as the "cosmic internet," are integral to this movement. The Spiritual Revolution is happening now, answering the cry of humanity for Divine awareness.

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