Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Riding the Waves of Change

Yesterday, the news screamed the message of an upsurge in the Dow. Wonderful. Today, the screaming continued with the opposite message and a warning. The stern warning issued reminded us not to get too excited about any positive trends, or too pleased with any positive progress in the economy or the news. Blasting from every news source, print, internet, radio, tv and anxious friends on the phone, we are getting bomarded with negativity and fear. On the surface, nothing in our everyday world is stable, solid or uplifting. How can we go on like this?

We are challenged to look beyond appearances, to go deeper than usual to find stability, security and order. We are being pushed to look past our customary sources of sanity and reassurance. Looking further than usual, we can see that there is so much happening totally unaffected by the turbulence of the times.

Look first within your own body, you can see that your heart is pumping, your digestion processing, your lungs exhanging gases, your very physcial being is happening no matter what the headlines have to scream in your face. Your body is maintained without your conscious attention or deliberate strategizing or direction. There is a power in you, greater than you causing you to be.

Looking beyond yourself, you can see that the people around you are having the same experience. People all over the world are having the experience of life in their bodies, unaffected by nightly international news, weather, economic rise and falls, political ups and downs, war and/or peace. There is a quality of life that is enduring.

Looking into nature, we see that the life force that is in each and every seed in each and every plant is unfazed by earthly activities. The crops are growing all over the world, whether in Iowa or the Ukraine. Fruit trees are blooming somewhere right at this very minute. Fish are multiplying in the waters of the earth. On the ground and in the air, animals of all varities are growing in population.

No matter if we are at war or at peace, happy or sad, rich or poor, life is unscathed. Prosperity is a fact of life on the planet, it s the natural state. As we put our attention on what is true and enduring, we can relax into the generous and prosperous state of life. to remain calm and reasonably sane during the time of changes, focus on those truths that have been evident for centuries, look beyond the moment into the whole of time. When you see that the orange groves of the Mediterranean will continue to grow oranges no matter what we do, say or think, it will be easier to trust. That is the power to trust. Trust the power that is multiplying life, the power that is maintaining life, and enjoy it.

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