Friday, February 20, 2009

CD's arrive

Today, the cd's (How to Read the Akashic Records published by Sounds True) arrived at my office. I held the package in my hands for the first time and found myself holding my breath. It took a minute for me to relax into the experience of having my dream come true and actually holding the cd set in my hands. Amazing. When I first started working in the Records, the notion of having the Akashic Records available to anyone who would want them was downright scandalous.

In only 15 years so much has changed for the entire culture. I always thought that the Records would launch at a time of peace and prosperity. Headlines right now are anything but, "peace and prosperity!" A new regime in Washington, economic turbulence, war, and the octuplets have many of us on the edge of our seats wondering what's going on. Someone in the Quad Cities of Iowa reportedly said that this past year of 2008 brought new meaning to the question, "What the heck is going on?"

My experience of working in the Records is one of certainty in the essential goodness of people and life, even when appearances indicate otherwise. Perhaps this is why the Records are being made available now, in 2009 on a mass scale......because now is the time we really NEED them. Now is a time that defies traditional ways of problem solving. Now is a time that calls for flexibility, open mindedness, courage and a good dose of humor. Now is a time to let go of our old ideas, a time to release old programs of perception and understanding and to discover our essential selves having authentic experiences in life. It's perfect that the Records are easier to access than ever before......Perfect because they are a tool that will enable us to find the Light in any chaotic circumstance and provide the guidance we need to follow that Light. Light leading to Light. That's the Records.

What a wonderful story. At the critical moment when ordinary humans are fast approaching the end of the proverbial rope, the Light of the Records emerges and takes the lead, establishing a bridge of Light to any one called to cross. The crossing is from fear to freedom, from anxiety to certainty, from turbulence to tranquility. It is an inner journey with outer consequences. Our situations may not instantly resolve but our relationship to ourselves, others and all circumstances will be restored to harmony and peace. As we come to know more peace than ever before we will see it in our lives. We will witness the peace within ourselves.We will seek AND find the peace that is present everywhere our attention goes. Then, the latent peace within all planetary life will arise as if from a long sleep. We will enjoy the peace potential we have always known was waiting. We will call forth the peace because we know it is there, it has always been there waiting to be recognized and it is there for us because we are the ones who know it to be so.

Much love and many blessings,

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