Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Akashic Records: Ancient Resource for Modern Times

It might be more accurate to say, "Ancient Resource for Maddening Times." I'm fascinated by the infusion of spiritual Light on the planet during times of tremendous change like now. In time frames of major revolutions, whether French, Russian, American or any other, we see an explosion of a full range of energies present for people to experience. Dominant are the forces for dissolution of old orders, collapse of structure past their usefulness and fracturing of patterns of thought no longer relevant. Simultaneously, there are massive openings for new postures, possibilities and potentials. Solutions to problems seem to fall out of the sky. Flashes of insight inspire people to take the new path, experiment with the new idea or implement creative approaches to long-standing dilemmas. Unseen support for change is palpable for those called to action.

Now is such a time. We are in the zone between the decline of the old order and the emergence of the new. The mass consciousness has been on a roller coaster ride. Despair, frustration and exasperation consumed the shared space of consciousness prior to the election of 2008. When Obama won on November 4th, a dramatic shift occurred. Hope took hold, anchoring in the mass consciousness. This was particularly evident in Chicago, the heartland of the nation and launching site of the Obama Era. People were relieved, happy and some a bit naive. A part of the population seemed to think of Obama as "the Saviour," who would personally change their lives. This is similar to the Oprah idea. From November 4, 2008 to January 20, 2009, hope was infused and anchored in the collective consciousness.

January 20, 2009, Inauguration Day signaled another dramatic shift. With Obama securely in office, the underlying fears, upset and shadow broke through into the atmosphere. The stock market fell, negativity rose and the core fears of the culture came to the surface. Fears such as the fear that "it's too late for us," and "we voted for the wrong fella," were close to many conversations. Deeper terrors of being "beyond repair" and "too late to save us" were voiced. The reality that our President, while a gifted leader, is a mere mortal, hit hard. A new level of vulnerability took hold.

In the midst of the madness, are options are few. We can get tossed around by the torrent of collective craziness or we can stand firm in the Light. Here we are in the middle of the storm and our opportunity is obvious. We can graciously decline the roller coaster of lunacy and call in the Light. It's so perfect that now the Records are pouring through into the lives of regular people like ourselves.

Here is our opportunity. Open your Akashic Records. Be in the climate of peace, love, power, clarity, etc.... This is not an escape or avoidance technique. No, this is the truth. Even as we are in the tsunami, there is at the core a place untouched by the storm. Our job is to go to that place and be infused with the the energy of truth. Establish yourself as a point of Light within a Greater Light. When we get a sense of peace, we can move in that direction. We will make decisions based on peace, building on peace in our ordinary lives. The Records hold the place of peace and give the support we need to move from chaos to harmony. We have a choice. It's time to choose wisely.

On February 24, the President addressed the Congress. Another shift registered, from doubt to confidence. This time, President Obama identifies the crisis, points to the path out of ruin and raises the issue of responsibility, both personal and governmental. Ours is the age of responsibility. It is time to recognize that as we admit our faults, we tap into infinite spiritual energy to correct our errors. This is required individually, locally, nationally and globally. We see that grace travels with responsibility encouraging us to go beyond our failings into the new age of peace, prosperity and accountability.

Working in the Records, we access this awareness and it holds us steady until we are able to hold it on our own. We cannot resolve our current crises on our own wits alone. Good ideas are great but they don't go far enough. We have the opportunity to forge the link between the spiritual and material, to be the front runners in the conscious creation of heaven on earth. Through the Records, we have an infinite spiritual resource that will hold us steady as we take a stand for Light. The Records can anchor us as we grow into the awareness of more Light, more peace, more love and more harmony than have ever been realized on our planet.

Much love and many blessings,

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