Saturday, November 28, 2009

Balancing the Triangle, the energy of the Prayer, and Relationships

Timeless Wisdom for Contemporary Questions:

Questions and Answers about the Book “How To Read the Akashic Records”

I’m interested in your class on Balancing the Heart, Mind, and Will. Can you tell us more about it?

I find this class particularly exciting for the time we are in. The Collective has spent the past 25 years clearing the pathway between the heart and the mind and really coming into right relationship with these two, and our relationship to the heart/mind connection.

As I understand it, we are moving into expanding this to include the will. So instead of it being two-dimensional, it is actually three-dimensional. We are working with the integration of the will so that we can establish our strength; our inner tripod. When it is set up, the Light that is certainly infinite within us can then be more greatly revealed. We can actually release more Light. More Light can come through us, the stronger that tripod.

All of this Light can come through me. That is absolutely true. There is an infinite, eternal reserve of Light within. But if you are not structurally stable, the Light cannot come through you as much as is possible. When we look at, “Where do I have power? Where can I make a difference in this process?” Where you can make a difference is in stabilizing, strengthening your own inner triangle, and the Light will take care of itself. It is not necessary, and can be very frustrating to put our attention on the Light, because that is not where our authority is.

Do you think that this class will be helpful for integrating more fully what I think of as my inner feminine and my outer masculine?

Absolutely. In that harmonizing process, it is a synthesizing that will occur naturally on its own, if it is supported sufficiently. When we look at the refinement of this already existing internal structure, when we work with that, when what we understand as the masculine and feminine aspects, when there is a structure through which they can find their own balance, they can find their own relationship; they can merge without one swallowing up the other. Where we can have tremendous impact on that synthesizing aspect is working on the container, working on the structure through which they find their own relationship. This is actually wonderful for that, I believe.

It is non-intrusive, non-invasive, it is non-manipulative, and it honors the integrity of these two different energies, and you and I both know that they are meant to be in harmony.

I think that what is really interesting about this is that in the harmonizing of these energies, what is the perfect balance within you is a little bit different than what is the perfect balance within me. We don’t want to enforce a false balance. We want to allow and to provide for these energies within the container that you are. We want these energies to find their perfect relationship within you. This perfect relationship within you will be a little bit different than the relationship within everybody else, and the expression will be different. We want to support this process, and I think it would be wonderful.

When we look at heart, mind, and will there are aspects that we recognize as definitely feminine or absolutely masculine. So you may find that just in the process some of the specific characteristics or some of the vibrational patterns that we identify as male and female, you can see how they emerge and are supported within this particular structure, which may ultimately be very beneficial for you in your own process.

When we work with supportive structures, this has been fascinating to me in my work, because when we look at supportive structures, they do provide for unique expression. At one level we know that we are all One and we share the same energy. On the other hand, we have to make room in a very real way for the unique expression of the Divine as it is revealed through the individual. I think that culturally we struggle with that. This is part of the age-old challenge for people through time. What does that mean? And how do we provide for that in a way that is supportive and non-restrictive? We want encouragement, but we do not want intrusion. Those are such delicate and subtle issues, and they are a little bit different within everybody, and I think that is one of the things that is exciting about the work is that we get to see how it emerges and reveals through different individuals.

Did you use a specific prayer from the very beginning when you worked with the Akashic Records?

I was initiated into a sacred prayer in 1994. Prior to that, I know that at different times I would encounter the Akashic Field. The problem was that I had no authority over it. I knew that whatever this was that it was profound, and dimensionally, I could detect a shift. But I had no authority over it. I would just hope that I would get there. I worked with the prayer I received in 1994 for six or seven years, and it worked, and it was great. Though it did not anchor into the Heart of the Records, it was wonderful, it was very helpful, and I grew through using it.

It is interesting because I started teaching in that other system in 1996. After my first teaching weekend, in my own Records I was guided to use this other few lines, and it is actually the first part of the Pathway Prayer. It starts, “And so we do acknowledge the forces of Light…” and I had been using that first stanza for about six years. I would say that before I opened the Records using the other system. When the time came for me to leave that other system and to go off onto my own, I was given the guidance that this particular stanza would be the beginning of the new prayer that would take people into the Heart of the Records. And, indeed, that has been the case.

Well, I can’t help but be curious because I have been adding a few words into the prayer, not when I was working with the CDs, because I did exactly as you were doing there, but when I’ve been working with the prayer on my own, I always include the feminine, so I’ve added just a few words. And from what you said before, it sounded like the way you saw that, it was changing the vibration of accessing the Records, and it was not accomplishing the same thing.

Here’s how I understand it. If you change the words, you change the vibration. Any work that you do to prepare yourself before you open the Records that is your personal work. See, when I used this paragraph, this was my personal preparation. In my teaching, I think it is important for people to prepare themselves in whatever way works, but to use the prayer the way it is written. When I worked with that other prayer, I didn’t change a word, I didn’t change a comma. I worked with it as is, because I wanted the best that the lineage had to offer. Now, what I did to prepare myself prior to opening the Records, and what I did to ground myself after closing the Records, very personal and independently determined activities based upon my own personal ideas, beliefs, and understandings. The actual using of the prayer, I really believe in honoring the lineage the way it is.

That’s what the distinction is. I am not na├»ve--I know that people sometimes change the words. Everybody is finding their own way, and whatever people do is fine. But I know that it is important to honor the root. Because the root is the place from which growth occurs. It is an interesting thing. I always say, if you have another way, by all means you should do it.

I know the vibration of this prayer, I know a lot of the possibilities – I certainly don’t know everything. It is an infinite process and an infinite journey. I keep thinking, Oh, my God! This is as good as it gets, and then I find out that it gets even better. I know that I cannot really – like when someone comes and says, “Listen, I like your work, but I have rewritten the prayer, and I’d like you to help me.” I can’t help you with that because I don’t know that. I have no authority or understanding over something I do not know. It is that simple. And I think it really does raise the question that the understandings and the knowledge and wisdom that has been revealed to me through my work with this particular vibrational bridge – it is a vibrational bridge of Light – those understandings may not apply at all to your prayer. It is a fascinating issue.

I have been doing the 30-day grace period that you suggested. I just picked up the CD, and I have been offering readings. Actually, it is going amazingly well. I just tell people that something is free, and wow! I’m doing a lot of readings. I love this. This feels like it was the puzzle piece that was missing for me. It is just wonderful. I feel a shift, a change, I don’t know what else to say about that. I am really excited about doing this work, and it is just wonderful.

I am so happy to hear about this, and I am so happy that you are getting a chance to use this, even if it is free! You see how much that in that grace period doing readings for free gives you a lot of room.

And I don’t feel – I think the first time I did it via telephone, I got a little nervous, but it quickly went away. I’m beginning to feel like when I’m going into my own Records – I said the other day in class that I seem to have an easier time going into the Records for others rather than going in for myself. I am starting to really notice when I shift – that feeling of shift – it’s not that it’s not me, it’s me, but it feels so different. And once I close the Records, I feel almost as if I go into Reverse or Neutral. It feels like this body sound goes “click” back down.

You know what is so great to hear how it’s only been a few weeks, and as you are using it, you are already developing your awareness of your relationship to the energy, its usefulness for you. This is fascinating that you are so alert to it. My understanding is that it is very supportive for you, and I am so excited for you. It is this great thing, we don’t know exactly where you are going to go, but you are going somewhere good!

My partner has been the only one in my immediate group of friends who has not received a reading. I’m a little nervous about reading for her. In other modalities like Tarot, other than Astrology or Numerology, I don’t read for her, because I just feel too close.

This is very wise of you. Great wisdom. It shows a lot of maturity in the process. This is why we say, unless someone steps forward and asks to have a reading, we just leave them alone. Sometimes the people we are really intimate with, they know us, we know them, and it is sometimes too much. It can often violate the boundaries that you have, but that does not mean – if there is something happening in her life that really has nothing to do with the relationship, and she asks for your help, you can certainly explore a work situation, as long as it is not about the relationship. If you are addressing relationship issues, this could set up a really unhealthy energy dynamic. It can get a little squirrely with power struggles. You already get it. You have such a natural caution. I am just fascinated about how you are being led. You go girl!

Thank you. Because she has asked, she has kind of given me that look, Hey, what about me? She is probably going to ask about work, or she is finishing her masters in archeology, and that is probably what she would ask about. I’ll just tell her I can do a reading as long as she doesn’t ask anything about us.

Right. And that will be easier. Our spirituality needs to support our relationship. It cannot be a weapon in the relationship. You understand the depth. You understand the intimacy, you understand the sacred nature with which we need to regard one another, and of course you would have apprehension. Whereas, she is not doing it. She does not know. This is different from Astrology. It is different from Numerology. It is like light years different. This is good.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Taking Classes, Personal Quests, and Kryon

Timeless Wisdom for Contemporary Questions:

Questions and Answers About the Book “How To Read the Akashic Records”

I’m thinking about going to one of your certification classes and I’m wondering what I might expect to get from the class that I won’t get from having read the book?

One of the things you will get is a certificate and become a certified practitioner. Although the book and cd set are a great way to learn, I cannot certify your training. However, if you come to a live class, you will be a certified practitioner. In some ways, getting the certificate can be very important, because it signifies that you have taken a significant step in your own initiation. You have made a greater commitment. In response to your commitment, I show up, and I teach you.
Also, when we work live, I can help you. If there are some areas where you struggle, I can actually help you with that if we are together in person. The energy of a group is always fabulous, because the group is working together and headed in the same direction, so it makes it easier to go deeper, faster.

It’s the difference between digging a hole on your own and digging a hole with a group. You can dig the hole on your own, and do a great job. We have a pond in our backyard, and my partner was digging the hole and doing a fine job. And then a friend came over, and soon everybody was working together, and the hole was done in no time. The hole was going to get done one way or another, and it was going to be a perfect hole. However, with group participation, it is kind of like it eases obstructions, interferences, and it makes the journey a little easier.

I have been working in the Records since 1994 and teaching since 1996. When I see you in person, I can see what will help you, and how to enable you to go deeper. I know you are committed to this; you are not committed to skating on the surface. People come to this work because of their internal calling. This is the urging of the soul. It is a soul-level prompting, and you are brought to this work.

This is profound work, and I know if you are called to this work, you are called to it because of your commitment to depth, your commitment to the truth, your commitment to exploration and discovery. I also really believe that there are parts of our inner work that we can only do ourselves. We have to walk down our own paths. And I think it comes with spiritual maturity when you realize, I can get there, I can dig to China, and if I go on my own, it will take 200 to 300 years. But if I get some help, it may only take me two days. To really recognize when it is appropriate to get help on the path, and what kind of help do I really need? Assistance, training, teaching, those may be better words than help, but we really want to look at that.

Follow up:
Should I also sign up for the Ancestral Clearing Class after the certification?

Usually, the Practitioner’s Certification is Friday night and Saturday. And then Sunday there is a one-day class in clearing unwanted ancestral patterns. The idea is that we will move from technique into the application. You will leave with some tools. You will leave knowing what protocols are effective within the Records. Clearing unwanted ancestral issues is so natural in the Records, because in the Records, there is no time. There is only now. You cross that line between an ordinary state of consciousness and a non-ordinary state of consciousness, and time just collapses. It is all nowness, and we get to work with the present moment in the Records.

The present moment really is the point of power, and that is where we begin our work in the Records. We can work with how to be in right relationship energetically, with our lineage, with our family of origin, and make the shift so that we can enjoy the benefits, the advantages of any line through which we have come. No line is all good or all bad. That is an old idea. Our work as seekers and practitioners of the Light, our work is to discover the Light in the dark places, and to live from there. It’s one of my favorite types of work. I think you will love it.

I have had some readings done, and they all have said pretty much the same thing. And when I’ve asked about location – and I think you’ve pretty much answered my question -- when I asked, Am I where I need to be? What about some other locations? Most of the suggestions were like lateral moves. They gave me other names, but they were all about the same. They were all like lateral moves.

As much as I have done in my life, I think that it has all led up to something that I am not doing yet. I am real clear about that. What does that look like? I have no idea. I am currently serving as an assistant minister. I am an ordained pastor, and yet I know that there is still something that I need to be doing with what I already have been doing, something new, something different, and I’m getting to the point now where I really want to know, and I don’t like staying in the question. I’ve tried releasing it and releasing it, but it is not coming to me, and I’m ready. Give me patience, now! That kind of thing.

Of course! Here is what I want to offer. It’s a very interesting situation that you are in, because as you speak, it is really very clear you are on the path. It is always alive, and there is always a next step, and there is always the next question, and really how beautiful that is. I understand that from where you sit this is really annoying and uncomfortable, but it really says so much about the aliveness of the path. It’s not like we get on the path and that’s it, we go to sleep. I think that is really quite beautiful.

As you speak, it occurs me that it may well be that what is next for you has not existed yet. Do you see? Because you are not here to do something that was done 100 years ago, or 50 years ago, or even 20 years ago. You are here to do a new thing, and it may be that new thing is just being revealed now. Do you see? This also illustrates another really wonderful understanding: that our personal journey is always in alignment with the universal journey, which I think is quite beautiful.

Your personal quest is bringing you right up to the 2012 time. We are in the New Age, but dimensionally, we are on the verge of a revolution. It is natural for you to have this question, this sense that ‘I think there is something more.’

That is fascinating. It may be really helpful to look and see if the Records are right for you, are good for you. Have you read my book?

It is experiential reading, so that if you read it, it is very activating, and it could raise some questions, and then we can talk. I think that would be a next good step to take.

I have the opportunity to study with Kryon. He talks a lot about mining the Akash. He said that he was a former engineer and couldn’t talk in front of people. Yet, being a channel for Kryon, he needed that skill and he felt woefully deficient. So he talked about mining the Akash, and going in and asking for guidance from a prior lifetime. Because he said that we have all been pretty much everywhere already, we can call up that experience from the Akashic Record to give ourselves the skill.

What a great point that you have raised here. This is really good. In my book, in the section on past lives, there are protocols, and it is on the CD set too.

There are protocols, yet you can go into the Records and ask for another lifetime, another expression of yourself in space and time. Ask for another lifetime where you had mastery of whatever skill you need, whether it is public speaking, or any number of things. You can go in and you can ask. There are a few different ways that it can work. What is available is that we have a conscious connection and transmission of those gifts, talents, and abilities that we have carried within ourselves through time. It is fabulous, and very supportive.

From a Records point of view, this is not that big of a problem. In an ordinary state of consciousness, you have a big problem here. But from a Records point of view, it is in the grid, it is in the energy. The soul is like a Light. The energy field around us, the pattern, is a Light grid. And the Light grid carries potential. If in a lifetime you have been a senator, then the experience of a senator, and everything that goes with that – there can be good things, and there can be difficult things – everything is in your field. We are working through time to be aware of the wholeness of ourselves, the goodness of ourselves, and to consciously integrate, to the best of our ability, to integrate these different dimensions of ourselves. To know ourselves in the fullness. We are moving from glory to glory to glory, into greater knowing and greater knowing, and greater knowing, and this can be facilitated through our work in the Records.

Then I can call on my past experience of reading the Akashic Records?

No, no, no, no. I would not do that, and I will tell you why. You always want to work in the present moment, especially when you are making a dimensional shift in consciousness. I want to be clear that I am standing here today in Forest Park, Illinois. This is about being conscious and responsible. For the shift itself, you do not need to call upon another time and place where you had mastery of the Records, because where you want to make the shift from ordinary to non-ordinary, or from ordinary to extraordinary, is NOW. And that is very present tense, and it actually is – you want to be as deliberate and conscious and grounded about changing states of consciousness as you can. It will give you more authority in the process.

This is a complicated question, because we are talking about dimensional states, and– in order to maintain your responsibility, you want to keep that in the present. In this moment, I am going to be in this consciousness, and in this moment, I am shifting into another, and I want that pathway to be clear, deliberate, responsible, so that I can get into another state, and I want to be able to get back. People change state all of the time. But we are talking about being responsible, because the way to have authority over this is to be willing to take the responsibility.

The other thing to know is that your expertise in your relationship with the Akasha and the Akashic Record is something that is ongoing. This is your very own soul that we are talking about, and you are always in relationship with your soul. What we are working with is our level of awareness of that relationship. And that is also very much grounded in the present.
Well, I will have to pray with the others for some patience also then.

This patience thing--what is all that about? What is very challenging about patience right now is that we are in a time of universal urgency. You can feel it. We all know that our relationship with time has changed. There is an urgency. It is very tricky, I think, to be disciplined and sequential in our actions, while we experience the urgency. Urgency is your friend. Urgency will keep you going, but it can only be relieved incrementally with small steps. I know it’s hard. I think this is like my big life lesson, and the older I get, the worse it gets.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Self Healing, Dreams, and Records Protocol

Timeless Wisdom for Contemporary Questions:
Questions and Answers About the Book “How To Read the Akashic Records”

I think I was drawn to the book because there are things that my soul wants me to know that I have up to this point not wanted to know and deal with. I’ve done a lot of writing about healing yourself. A psychic once told me, “You know, you’re a wounded healer.” And that’s not what I wanted to be. I just wanted to write. I think this is my soul’s way of easing me into this work that I’ve done many lifetimes, and it’s my soul’s way of telling me what I need to know.

Tell me, as you’re working with the book, how is it informing you? How do you see it making a difference? As a writer, you are very sensitive, and it’s very challenging to be exposed or revealed in this way. How is this supporting you?

I have twice come in contact, usually through meditation, with an individual--someone who’s been with me. I know him and I recognize him. The first time I told him I’m not ready. The second time I was in meditation, and this individual is leaning up against a bookshelf in a huge library, and he smiled at me and winked at me. I realize this is easing me into this. I’ve had past life regression, and I didn’t want that, I didn’t want the responsibility, and I just wanted to live my life. The book is allowing me--it’s giving me the courage to go into it.

That’s great. There is a Divine reason, there is a higher reason for this.

Very much so. That’s why I have not gone into the Records yet. I know once I access those Records, there’s no turning back!

Linda: (Laughing.)
I have to tell you something honey, it’s already too late!

This is very sacred, and I already know the sacredness of this. In this life it’s just something that I ran from.

It’s time. It’s time.

I am similar to [the first person who spoke], I feel like it’s my soul’s calling, it’s time. I have tried lots of different ways – or my soul has tried to contact me. At night, I’m a huge dreamer, probably for the last four years, -- when it started about four years ago, I asked a question and went to sleep, and my soul said, “She’s finally asking a question!” It’s really hard for me to understand what they’re saying. I’ve been searching for a way when I’m awake to have access to the information in a form that I can understand.

When I read the book – I’ve heard of the Akashic Records before, but I hadn’t gone back, because I don’t want an intermediary, I know I can do this myself. When I found the book, I thought, “This is great, I can do this.” My block is still there, I still feel like I am in the Records, but the flow is not there yet. I don’t get words or information. I think I may be getting something, but my mind is telling me I’m not.

This is one of the biggest challenges for all of us. We are always in the question, Is this real? Is this valid? What are the results of this? This will keep us on track. You know, it’s one of those simple laws of energy: whatever you focus on is what will expand or get stronger.

So in the collective, we are coming out of really 25 years of focusing on our blockages. First of all, they’re fascinating, and we thought that was the way to get rid of them, to focus on them to examine them, but the blockages are still there.

So what we want to do now – you don’t want to pretend it’s not there. All blockages are really rooted in fear. Take the attention – remember we want to focus on what we want more of. What we want is flow, freedom, clarity. And what will always dislodge the blockage is a sense of safety. So you want to be praying about “How can I experience more safety?” Have that be your question instead of “How do I move the blockage?“ We love our blockages, because they’ve really saved us from God knows what. Be in the question of – be in your prayers and be in your Records and before you go to bed, ask “How can I be in the experience of safety?” “How can I experience the security of Life?” “How do I get there?”

That’s one piece of this puzzle. The other is this: In your work, it’s more helpful to be looking at the information that you’re getting, instead of looking at how you’re getting the answer to the question. The Records are fascinating. They are not about phenomena. A lot of people have interesting experiences with the energy. Some people see or hear things, some may get a tap on the shoulder. A lot of people do brilliant work who aren’t seeing a dang thing! Don’t get too hung up on that.

Focus on “What am I walking away with?” “What kind of results is this experience creating within me?” “Am I experiencing peace, harmony?” “Am I upset?”

This really takes practice. There are no short-cuts. The more you work in the Records, even if it is 15 minutes at a time, what are you getting? What is my feeling about who I am in my life and my challenges as I walk away from the Records? Who am I in my life today as a result of being in the Records?

Many people who have these--like dreamtime shamans--many people will have this strong dreamtime access. When they work in the Records during the day, it’s like the Records get under the dream state. Don’t open the Records and go to sleep. That won’t be helpful. You don’t want to be in two places at once. Be one place at a time, and know where you are. But it can actually power-up your dream state work.

Can you open your records and go to work?

No, open the Records before you go to work and ask for guidance for your work day and close the Records when you have received the guidance. How can I be a better whatever? How can I improve the quality of my service through my work? You don’t want to open your Records and go drive a bus. That’s stupid! The idea is these are different states of awareness, and it’s not helpful to either one. When you’re in a spiritual state, you want to be there, and you don’t want to be distracted by checking groceries or performing surgery. You want to be fully using your human faculties and you want to do your best work.

Explore the issues of your work day in the Records, but not while you’re working.

I want to know how to use it in the moment? How can I take care of my patients on the physical level, the mental level, the spiritual level.

At work, you want to be an Olympic athlete. You have to be very grounded to be an efficient transmitter. I go in the morning and I open my Records, and I’m like, “Show me what I can do today to help these people. Help me to be the best transmitter of light and love.” Say, “I am at your service, help me to be who you have meant me to be.” You may get some insights; you may not get anything. You close your Records, and then you go to work.

The Akashic Records want us to be fully developed as human beings. When you are with a patient, cleaning a wound, giving them medicine, this is what incarnation is about--that the Divine energy moves through the human beings that we are. It’s a discipline that you want to work on. It’s really a spiritual practice so that you grow into the ability to transmit more Light incrementally. I think that’s much more efficient, because when you’re in that dimension of the Records, it softens the edge of your mental body. If you’re working with anything from electricity to another human being, you want your mental body to be clear and sharp. The Earth plane is pretty dense out here. You want to move in and out of state on this, and I know you will get better results.

So that means I shouldn’t freak out if I ask those questions before going to work, and I don’t get anything?

Right. I go into the records and I ask 35 questions, and sometimes what happens is that it is not useful for me to have all that information. Remember the Records are energy first, information second. Turns out that when I’m at my niece‘s birthday party, while I’m there, I receive what I need. I’m a focal point for receptivity, and I can receive the guidance that I need on the spot. There I am at the party, and I’m very clear. Oh, this is really how to conduct myself. This is how I can help, as opposed to being at the party with my Records open and being a little daffy. It’s kind of like smoking a joint or being high. Maybe it’s great fun, but it’s not the best way to get clarity.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting Stuck, Ascension, and St. Germain

Timeless Wisdom for Contemporary Questions:

Questions and Answers About the Book “How To Read the Akashic Records”

I’ve been trying to work out something on a healing path that seems like it’s been going on for a while, but I have this feeling that I have hidden my true and authentic self in another dimension for safety, because it didn’t feel safe to incarnate it in this dimension. I do a lot of kinesiology work. I want to know if the Record can assist me in reintegrating this part that I’ve hidden for safety. I can feel when I tune into who I am and what I want, I can’t find it. It’s like I’ve cleared the false self and illusion, and what I’m left with is I’m not there -- I’m lost in another dimension. I guess I’ve done so much work on my own, but I’m stuck, I need to do this before I can go forward.

Let me tell you how I understand that. From a Records point of view, you are whole and complete, you are intact, but your awareness of that in some areas is almost like you turned off the light. So that’s how we would understand that fragmentation of the self from a Records point of view, and one of the ways the Records could be very supportive--it’s a spiritual resource, and the more there is a fundamental sense of spiritual safety-- spiritual safety always precedes emotional healing. Working with the Records would be fabulous for this, because you move into a dimension that is safety, that is sanctuary, and you would be growing into that and you could work in the Records to expand and open up your awareness of yourself in all your dimensions, but in a very safe way.

When there’s a blockage -- blockages and stuckness – it is just fear. But the antidote is to create an environment within the Self that is safe, an environment of sanctuary where there is no judgment, because dimensionally, the trait of the Record is a space of unconditional love. It is not smarmy, it’s not skinny, it’s rich, it’s real, it’s expansive, it’s inclusive of the whole Self. And in that space, it’s easier to let go of fear. That’s directionally where you can go. You’ve been on the path for a while, and you understand that in the healing process, the ability to grow into the new space is actually available in the Records.

Absolutely, this is one of the wonderful ways to use the Records. This is consciousness development. This does require that we address and deal with our emotional wounds and distress. That’s part of it; your emotional body has to be intact –the spiritual and the emotional work in tandem. The greater the spiritual reliance, the easier it is to heal emotionally. The stronger the emotional body, the more healed, resolved, the more peaceful we are in the emotional dimension, the more Light we can handle. The territory just opens wide, it is pretty exciting.

My question is, what is changeable and what is not in this particular journey? Can the style of it be tweaked a little?

That’s interesting. What changes? What changes in the journey is our awareness, in that it expands and increases. With the increased awareness, there is an expansion in our responsibility. With responsibility comes privileges and choices. There are many lifetimes where the issue is that we’re growing into responsible choice-making. There are whole lifetimes where we are working with that--with the fact that we do have choice. Our choices make a big difference in where we are going to go and what is going to happen. The stories can change.

The finish line is basically the same, and at some point every one of us will come to know who we are. We will know the truth about ourselves and about others, and we will live from that place. The “how we do it” is definitely changeable. Is there something specific that you have in mind that you want to change?

I want to see if I can, regarding the Ascension, where I can be in terms of where I would be with my sister. I don’t want to be going and leave her alone.

What I do know is that how we get somewhere – if you’re interested in Ascension and that process, and you are consciously working on that, what can happen is that we have a lot to say about the rate at which we can grow. We can accelerate the process. The idea of the Records is not a resource through which we will control our fate. This is not a control device. It is a resource that can enable us to move into a profound state of peace and acceptance, not resignation, that will enable us to be aware of our own goodness and the goodness of others, no matter what the circumstances. Through a relationship with the Records, it is easier to wear the world like a loose garment, so that at some level of circumstances, people, places, and things will no longer bother us. That is much more the purpose of the use of the Records as opposed to making changes.

We can make changes in ourselves, but we are not going to change the tides, the orbits of planets -- a lot of things we are not going to change. They don’t have to be changed, they are fine. Understand that this is a resource for being in a state of detachment with love, and in a state of respect and honor for ourselves and others and life itself. Whatever is happening in the world, we will be fine. It is a time of tremendous spiritual revolution, and our work is really the karmic imperative of our time: to become aware of ourselves as souls, and to become aware of our truth within the divine reality, and to live from that.

In your book you refer to the Masters, one group of individuals. When I think of Masters I think of St. Germaine. How do the Masters fit in to the Records?

This is a great point. In the Records, we work with the Masters, but there are other systems, and other ways of identifying Masters. So within another system, St. Germaine has a personality, and is identifiable. It’s a different system though.

What is distinct about the Records is that the masters, teachers, and loved ones do not present with personalities. Within the Record, we are dealing with energy first, information second, and personality is at the bottom of the heap. It’s not important. It’s a different system. I know it can be confusing if you are very well-trained in another system. The angle on this is a little different, and the purpose is a little different. It’s not about personalities.

Is it possible for St. Germaine to see a part of my Record?

Absolutely, but within the Record, the Masters do not come forward – the Masters do not do the reading. They don’t come forward and say, “Hi, I’m St. Germaine, I’m going to help you.” You may recognize the energy of St. Germaine.

Jesus is the teacher for many people working with the issue of unconditional love, That is the work of Jesus. He’s the teacher for probably half of the world – the Western world, certainly. The energy of Jesus will be in the Record, but the personality of Jesus will not come forward, because it’s not about the personality, it’s about the energy and the information, the energy, and the guidance.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Akashic Records and 2012: A unique period of transformation

According to the Long Cycle Calendar of the Mayan Calendar, December 21, 2012 is the final date. Every quarter of this Long Cycle Calendar has been marked by dramatic shifts in the planet itself, in the form of floods and earthquakes. As we approach the calendar date of 12.21.2012, we are under the influence of the energies converging to facilitate a significant transformation. Some speculate that it may be the end of the world. I prefer to think that it is the end of the world as we know it. There are some matters of significance in this time of change worth examining.

Throughout history, there have been many times of radical change and transformation in the world. These range from the discovery of the wheel, the mastery of fire, the codification of laws, the steam engine, the printing press, the car and the Internet. Each of these are an expression of the stage or development of consciousness of humanity, “as within, so without.” Human beings are aware of themselves and as we become conscious of ourselves at increasingly deeper levels in the dimension of spirituality, and as our relationships with our inner selves expand, we see corresponding growth and progress in the world around us. One of the major purposes of incarnation on earth is to see life in physical form, and to experience the life force manifesting through the physical aspect.

Our current sophisticated communication and information technologies make it possible for tremendous numbers of people to be aware of this shift and to share in the experience. It is the most conscious age shift ever. This is radical and is the most inclusive and diverse age change yet. The grass roots availability of the internet, television, and other forms of electronic communication, is an expression of the awareness of humanity for itself as a group. This is not a shift for an exclusive, elitist group of white men. This change is for everyone; including women and racial minorities...all really does mean all. Even though we humans may be self-centered, we are recognizing that we are not here alone and we are actually interdependent with those who are here with us, those who have gone before and those who will follow.

What is most significant is that we are being challenged to examine ancient understandings, all old ideas and assumptions we have considered sacred, immutable truths. In this transition, we in the Western culture are being given the opportunity to explore the foundation principles of the Judeo-Christian tradition which has formed and governed the growth of our consciousness for the past 2500 years. Some of the most basic notions, like “God is good and people are bad,” or “God punishes the bad guys,” “God is on our side but not our enemies side,” or “God wants us to suffer,” or “God will love us if we are good,” (but not if we are bad.) All of these and more are up for review.

We actually have the opportunity to step away from the degrading aspects of these traditions and can make conscious, deliberate choices about what we know to be true from our own experiences. There are two parts to this. One is that, for the first time in about 2500 years, our cultural assumptions do not have to be rooted in ideas that are demeaning, limiting and untrue. This is the essence of the “New Age.” It really is a “new age.” It is a new age of self-awareness, of knowing the truth of who we are and a new age of knowing the truth of who others are as well.

It is also outrageous that this is the first time in history where the change is organic at a global level. This is a change that is occurring within individuals of all classes, socio-economic groups, races, and genders. It is moving from within individuals out into the world. This is not the result of a papal edict, a military victory, or a political coup. This is the time of each individual recognizing their worth as an expression of the essential Divine and the worth of all others. This time is of personal responsibility and personal authority, of being aware of oneself as the one who is the chooser in life and accepting that role.

As a student and teacher of the Akashic Records as a spiritual resource for empowerment and consciousness development, I encourage everyone to learn how to work in their own Records and those of others to support navigation of this amazing time. We are in a time of liberation from the limiting aspects of religions. Religions were originally set up as external organization and practices and structures through which we humans hoped to experience the Divine reality, and avoid ostracism. In contrast, the Akashic Record is an internal beam of light through which individual people can access the Divine Presence. The Akashic Record is the perfect resource for our time.

The imperative of the 2012 transformation is that individuals find a way to be in conscious contact with the Divine. Through this conscious relationship with the essence of Life, each will be transformed according to their own needs, for their own good and the subsequent good of all. It’s a curious thing that we have great attention on this time period as a time of collective change. That is true. The collective change is a result of a sea of individuals transforming internally, then, this huge collection of transformed individuals form the collective. Nothing will happen to “the collective” as a group. It will occur within specific individuals who will know themselves to be one of a greater group. This is also another radical departure from the past ways of change. This is from the inside out, one individual after another, after another, rather than imposed from above or outside by an outer force, imposed upon the group. The collective will not recognized as a single unit but rather as the congregation of individual persons.

It appears that we are moving toward one world religion….known for inclusion and diversity. Free from the fear based degrading ideas of the past. This time is the passage away from isolation to cohesion without coercion, from addiction to the illusion of separation to harmony with the reality of our oneness with the Divine and one another.

I believe that any system or method or way that supports you in the experience of the Divine reality is the ticket for our times. We are leaving the age of knowing about god and moving into the age of knowing god. This requires examining our own ideas of god, putting them to the test….is this a god worth trusting, letting go of superstition, moving beyond the limiting beliefs our tribal leaders put in place to keep us in place. This is the time to actively seek the face of god in your day, put god to the test, demand to see the life of god--not Santa Claus, but GOD. Look. Challenge. If your god is too fragile for your challenges, fire that god and get another.

The more each of us has direct experience of Divine life, the easier it is to let go and release the lesser parts of ourselves. When we have a sense of the certainty of god and love, we can do anything. In order to get to the age of outrageous possibility, we have to walk through the discovery of the reality of the Divine.

The Akashic Record does not conflict with any religion, does not impose itself, does not coerce. The Akashic Record is a spiritual resource that allows. It is a dimension of consciousness; it’s a sanctuary, a safe place to be as you allow yourself to know your true nature more than ever.

We see in this transition that each of us is responsible for our own experience. We can be supported and encouraged by others but we must go to that place within on our own. We support and encourage others knowing that they will go there as well. We can be there for each other, not because we are spiritual cripples, no--because we each have the potential to know the Divine truth within ourselves and to see it in others. As we do this we may find ourselves on edge and uncomfortable. It may be foreign, because it is not about form but about our own experience.

As we engage in this process, we will naturally express our magnificence, naturally live in peace with others, and naturally contribute to the well-being of others. When we are touched the Divine reality, our hearts and minds are transformed from those of fearful children clinging to books of rules and regulations for behavior to the generous, gracious adults we are in truth.

The Akashic Record is the space of judge not, resist not, fear not. It is the space of unconditional regard. The space holds us as we release the negative myths about ourselves and others and grow into the amazing truth of who we are. In this time of unprecedented global awakening, one soul at a time, it is an ideal navigational resource for all.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Increasing the Peace Probability

In these times of change, we need effective tools to manage and navigate our lives. The Akashic Records are an ancient tool for spiritual serenity in a turbulent time. For centuries, the Akashic Records have been the exclusive domain of mystics, scholars, and saints. Now, the availability of the Records is shifting: the Akashic Records are within our reach and we are ready. The veil is lifting.

The Record is an experiential body of wisdom, insight, guidance, and healing information. As the archive of all souls and their the journey of awakening into awareness of the truth of the essential divine nature of all beings, it is a neutral or non-judgmental dimension of consciousness. It is from this perspective that we explore the profound question of Peace.

The Nature of Peace
Peace is defined as the absence of war or other hostility; treaties that bring the end of war; harmonious relations; public security; inner contentment or calm; serenity; tranquility–free from strife. Basically, peace is a neutral, non-judgmental presence, one that allows life to unfold as it will.

Energetically, peace is neutral–not for or against any one or any thing. It does not interfere, it does not push or pull, nor does it change things. Peace simply enables energetic patterns of consciousness composed of emotion, thought, and will to cycles to reach their ultimate destinations and become what they will. Peace is the energy of allowing what is to exist as it is.

For example, if you walk into a room and it is full of people seething with anger, you are an actual agent of peace when you maintain your serenity, instead of joining into the negative energy of conflict. Minding your own business is supportive of the Peace process. It is energetically impossible for a person to simply let go of an incomplete pattern or cycle. Your interference is not only a waste of time, but even interference that is aimed at creating harmony will actually add to the overall malady. What works best is to allow people to have their experience, whatever it may be, at the time. Absence of fear makes room for the negative patterns to run their course without interference and find their point of completion.

If we enter into any situation that seems to lack Peace, and we have a desire to direct the outcome in specific ways, we are not agents of Peace. We are agents of bravado. Our job is to seek the peace, look for the peace where it is hidden, know that it is there and it will be found.
It doesn’t matter if we find it first in ourselves or in others, the recognition is sufficient to activate the energy to its next level of intensity and power.

Think Ghandi. Think Jesus. Acknowledge the sacredness of life and essential divinity of each individual. Know that you are safe. No matter what happens, you are safe. No situation, no person, nothing can corrupt the essential goodness of your soul or damage your very essence. It is an energetic impossibility. The soul is unscathable. The personality is another story, as it can bruise, but when we are aware of the fact that our true self is unharmable, it supports resilience in our personality.

Peace is not a state of numbness. It is an active state of consciously creating a space in which resolution can occur. Imagine a basketball hoop. By creating the hoop, you create a space for the basketball to go. Without a hoop, the ball will not go through the hoop. In the same way, we must create a space of Peace in which resolution can take place or there will be no platform on which resolution can be built.

Let It Begin With Me
Inner peace is the only true force for outer peace. Inner peace eludes us when our ego is filled with impatience, self pity, judgment, resentments, pride, and fear. Pride and fear can be especially distracting partners, because pride forces us to fear losing or compromising whatever it is we are so proud of in the first place!

Developing trust in the Source will reveal the truth. We cannot fear losing control because we control nothing. By releasing these obstacles to Peace, we enter a state of harmony.

In this age of well-publicized violence and terrorism, we must identify the ways in which we terrorize ourselves and others and seek the peace that is present even in the worst circumstances. What can make a real difference is to acknowledge the traits we carry that do not produce peace within us, apologize to ourselves and others for the harm we have done, and put our attention on peace as our heart’s desire. Cleaning up our own messes makes room for great light to shine through. Each of us has the authority to be successful in managing our own affairs so that we can be the radiant beings that we are in truth. Again, we acknowledge the sacredness of life and essential divinity of each individual, including our own self.

What a Time It Is!
Nothing is an accident, and it is no accident that you are who you are and where you are at this time of universal change. Take the time to reflect on your role in the present.

Many who are involved in spiritual concerns and New Age consciousness are feeling uncomfortable right now–like they do not fit in. The great change is underway and we are looking for real effective ways to bring about the vision of peace and harmony at every level.
Most people of goodwill truly dislike the terrorism and violence that brought the world to the state it which it now resides, but the feelings of anger must be melted away by an even stronger desire for peace and healing. Anger will not fix this. Peace will fix this.

The most subversive act imaginable is the most simple. Quietly and powerfully embrace Peace in its many facets. Embrace Peace in your own life. Embrace Peace in your dealings with others. Embrace Peace in your prayers and meditations. Feed Peace, nourish Peace, and generate Peace.

Looking for peace will increase our awareness of the Peace that is present in ourselves and in the world. We will then appreciate the presence of Peace no matter what the circumstances. The Truth is that Peace is always present everywhere at all times. Our job as the awakened community is to find it and hold steady in the truth of Peace.

Peace Invocation
(This invocation or chant is best done standing in a circle, slowly and deliberately. The leader says each line, and the participants echo each line. Repeat the entire invocation three times, and end with three chants of “OM”. Of course, it is also beautiful done alone to deepen your awareness and experience of the peace that is present within you personally. I invite you to join me in a shared practice for the month of August. Say the invocation three times aloud followed by “OM” three times. Feel free to send me an email and let me know about your experience.)

I am
I am Peace
I am one with all Peace
I am a point of Peace within the greater Peace
There is power in Peace
The power of Peace prevails
Now is the time for Peace
This is a moment of Peace
This is a moment of Peace
Now is the time for Peace
The Power of Peace prevails
There is power in Peace
I am a point of Peace within the greater Peace
I am one with all Peace
I am Peace
I am


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Thursday, May 28, 2009

What do the Akashic Records have to say about 2012?

When we speak of 2012, to what are we referring?

December 21, 2012 is the final date at the end of the Mayan Calendar, the Long Cycle. Every quarter of this Long Cycle Calendar has been marked by a dramatic shift in the planet itself, in the form of floods and earthquakes. As we approach the calendar date of 12.21.2012, we are under the influence of the energies converging to facilitate a significant transformation. There is some speculation that it is the end of the world. It may well be the end of the world as we know it. The I Ching also recognizes the significance of this date as a time of great change. Edgar Cayce, the “sleeping prophet,”of the 20th century United States, saw this time from the perspective of the Akashic Records. He saw this time as one where the magnetic poles of the planet would change.

We do not know the exact form this revolution will take. We do see that we are already being influenced by the acceleration of time, the intensification of internal urging to grow and change and the external disturbances in the status quo. Even if we do not subscribe to ancient ideas or spiritual prophecy, it is hard to ignore the fact that life as we have known it for the past few hundred centuries is already changing.

All external change is preceded by internal rearrangements and that is the part of the process we are currently in.

This topic is bigger than you realize. We'll look at it in two major parts. Let's find out what 2012 is all about and then we can examine how to handle it.

There have been times in our history of radical shift, mobilizing the hearts and minds of everyone on the planet at the same time. The Reformation in the 1560s in Western Europe and the Revolutions in America and France in 1776-1789 are two of the most similar in modern times. This passage of 2012 is quite like these in many respects.

Many mythologies point to this upcoming year as the most significant in centuries and they are all correct. Mayan calculations are valid; the seeds of this monumental shift have been planted into the deepest parts of human consciousness over time, as a goal to work toward, a pivotal point in modern times.

What’s important is that, the seeds, the roots, have been growing for a long, long time now and the fruits of this growth are becoming apparent. The process you see is that of the dissolution of the old order, the current order. Every structure, institution, organization, dogma, infrastructure that is rotten, decaying, decomposing, and insufficient to hold up the new level of aliveness being infused and experienced through individuals is doomed to disappear.

The death process is pretty messy and messy is the current state of affairs globally. It's a two-part process. The letting go of what no longer works and the allowing or being open to new outcomes. Allowing the new reality to emerge without the poison of fear and its accompanying over coercion by the fearful and controlling people on the planet. The process is already underway and what we do now, how we manage ourselves personally, will have a significant impact on the whole of the unfolding and emergence.

So the roots are in; the seeds are sown. The idea of a radical shift, an acceleration of life processes, is germane to the mythologies and prophecies addressing this time frame. Some are more negative and scary and others more hopeful and positive. There is a range of understandings about this time of transition and it’s important to know the source of the prophecy. Ultimately, each of us will experience the time passing through our own belief-filter. We are all at liberty to choose which interpretations will support us and which will paralyze us. Even the spin around 2012 is part of the opportunity to grow in spiritual maturity.

The particular time of change is spiritual first, everything else second. Since the mid 1960s, we have been active at the level of the mainstream consciousness in entertaining new ideas and expanding our powers of perception, understanding, and responsibility. This process has been gaining in momentum to lead us to this convergence time-zone. Just think for a minute, in 1975 in western popular culture, how many people even knew what a chakra was? Not many. The early 1980s introduced some wonderful new options for everyday people to wake up into their spiritual nature. Creative visualization, affirmations, intention, alignment of mind and heart, harmony between mind and body….why these were known only to occultists and oddballs 50 years ago. Now, your neighbors all know about these and your talk shows expound on them whether in serious teaching or in jest. So, we have been gathering steam for the big changes that are happening now.

Globally, the economic structure is writhing, politics are scrambling, religious institutions fracturing and decomposing, physical infrastructures ranging from educational institutions to hospitals to highways are worn out and inadequate to hold the present and take us into the future. As our relationship to the truth of our spiritual identity comes into proper alignment, our outer worlds will take right shape and form.

We know from observing nature that all change occurs internally first, then, externally.

What do we do now?

Now, the opportunity of '09 is the time for personal inventory. To take stock of ourselves...take your own inventory as opposed to the inventory of your mate or child. It's a very personal individual activity and each individual adult is called or challenged to a new level of honesty and humility. The honesty is about who I am today and what do I need now to support myself-- to support the possibility for who I am now and who I am becoming...this will determine what to keep, what to release. You know the law is clear that you will never have enough of what you
really don't want. You'll never be satisfied with the finest of what you don't really want, so pass it on. If you're vegetarian you won't ever be happy with Omaha steaks or Japanese kobe beef, so give it to a carnivore!

As each of us engages in this process, a better distribution of resources will naturally occur. If we can approach the issue of distribution of goods and services from the inside, it can cause a huge shift so that there is a more even appropriation, without deprivation or even Robin Hood taking from the rich to give to the poor.

So, if we stop supporting what we don’t want or need and let those structures crumble, we’ll have energy for what we really want to be revealed. But our work now is to say “no” to what we don’t want….not a hostile “NO” but a gracious, “No, thank you…” Try it.

If we are engaging in this letting go consciously we CAN avert disaster. Rigidity and fixed attitudes will cripple us at this time. Disaster would be in the realm of the whole dang house of cards collapsing. People getting hysterical as their impotent governments and corporations crash. Disaster would be military mobilization to enforce supporting archaic organizations. We have to actually live through the time of change and we have choices about how to proceed. It can be a trip to hell or a heavenly journey. It’s our choice.

As we stop putting our money into groups that do not represent us or align with our values, they will collapse. This is good. Consider, if your government does not represent you, why pay taxes? You may not be ready to stop paying taxes, but you may be ready to reflect on one of the founding principles of the American Revolution: that taxation without representation is tyranny.

If you are involved with a religious group that no longer supports you, or if you find you keep trying to change their direction…why not just let go and attend where you are in a more harmonious relationship? Let those around you pursue their truth even if you don’t agree with their direction. That is not for you to determine. Walk away from what is not your truth and walk toward what is. Simple, actually.

Every area of life is up for scrutiny. Take the opportunity. As you do this consciously, you’ll notice a great release of your personal energy. You’ll feel better. Plain and simple.

Next, from this place, you can ask the universe to show you what’s next for you. From this place of clarity, you’ll be able to hear the whisper of the inner voice, to see the face of divine opportunity in front of you, as you go about your day.

There is a lot of pressure building around this 2012, as it should be. The pressure is growing to make each individual a bit uncomfortable, so that it’s easier to make the necessary personal changes. Change is often so difficult for humans and discomfort, discontent, disease, the whole “dis” family conspires to enable people to make change more easily. This pressure, if ignored, will lead to Big Problems. The Big Problems will be self-destructive behavior, increase in addictions, escalation of difficulties in intimate relationships, family and siblings, tribal gang warfare in neighborhoods--no matter what the economic level, and riotous behavior in the workplace. Mayhem and bedlam on the streets and in the government….you see, it’s time for change and we can either cooperate with the forces that be or be crushed by them.

This 2012 zone is comparable to the Age of the Reformation in 1560. That was the most recent dramatic shift in the collective spiritual consciousness (prior to that was the institutionalization of Christianity in the 300s). What happened in the Reformation is that the collective consciousness, through the combination of individuals awakening, broke free from a blind, childish allegiance to an office of leadership (the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church) into a dimension of increased personal authority, personal understanding, and personal responsibility with regard to the common western way of group think of the time. It was unprecedented. It was dangerous. It was courageous. The whole of western civilization was welded to this idea of total unquestioning allegiance to the Church…the Church and the State were one. People who lived outside of the Church were deprived of the customary benefits of society.

Martin Luther was a true radical in his time. His idea was that the Pope was not a divine authority, a scandalous notion at the very least.

We in the west are still living under the organization that emerged through the Protestant Reformation. Now, we are poised to go beyond that framework and to allow a new organization to be revealed.

The impact is dramatic for a few reasons. First, technology has taken us beyond traditional physical limitations of time and space. The boundaries have been dissolved and we can exchange ideas in seconds. Next, traditional mainstream religions are in a decline. Even with the intermittent surges of evangelism, which are a natural occurrence in the American religious journey, mainstream religions are not meeting the needs of people and membership is in decline. This is important because 2012 is not just for the “new agers”! The New Agers are the front runners of the movement but this is not an exclusive movement. And they are not doing this alone. It won’t be long before we will look at the New Agers and smile at their simplicity.

Finally, humanity is ready to be in direct conscious contact with their own spiritual authority. Humanity is evolving. Individuals are ripe to take more responsibility for themselves than ever before. People are exhausted from the failure of their self-will and are open, willing, and ready to surrender to a greater power and wisdom than they ordinarily possess. This is happening globally at so many levels. This is now happening in a potent way in the United States. This is the “prep work” of 2012. Just as 2012 is not a singular event, but a space in time, it identifies a shift that is already underway. If we move with the current, it will be wonderful, messy but beautiful. If we resist, it will hurt. Nothing hurts more than resisting a change whose time has come.

Now, be clear this is occurring within individuals and groups of individuals …it’s actually contagious. People see the light go on in the eyes of their friends and it reminds them of their own inner light.

This process occurs within the individual but is supported in groups. We are interdependent beings. We cannot do everything alone. The paradox is that we can only do our part for ourselves, we cannot do another’s for them, they cannot do ours for us…this is a flow of independence and interdependence. The spiritually mature discover this and go with the flow, allowing the process to unfold.

Here is the key to 2012…this is the time when individuals’ awareness of themselves and others will cause improvement in the quality of the human experience. It will take us into life as opposed to away from life. It will clear away the false perception we have of ourselves and others and enable us to see the truth. We will see others in their divine potential, and we will respond to one another in that way, from that place of true knowing.

As we experience greater peace and unity within ourselves, we will bring that to our relationships, all of them, whether in the bedroom or the board room. This is the light of transformation. The light of the spiritual revolution that is already underway.

The seeds of 2012 were planted in the hearts, minds, and souls of man long, long ago. The bloom is upon us. Our work now is to eliminate the weeds of fear that will sprout. Keep letting go of the old and keep your attention on the light. Glorious things will come to pass for you and everyone you know…and everyone you don’t know.

We see in this transition a shift in the focal point of our reliance. Until now, we have placed our reliance upon ourselves and other people. We have placed our reliance on gods or God of every sort. This is the point in time where the mass of humanity will shift from self-reliance to Divine Reliance…not on a religious god, but on the pure life energy that is God…known by so many different names by so many differing peoples. This shift will be out of necessity. Many have been making this energetic journey but as time takes us to 2012, the majority of us will be forced to do so as well. The human condition is a condition of reliance….the limitations of the human condition require people to access power beyond the physical self. This juncture will force the mass of humanity to let go of reliance on superstition, the idea of a god, and put it on the light of the universe, the pulse and heart of the cosmos.

As we rest and relax into that dimension of power and consciousness, we will be given everything we need to navigate this dramatic and wonderful time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Insights at the Edge

Tami Simon, founder and publisher of Sounds True, interviews spiritual teachers, visionary writers, and living luminaries about their newest work and current challenges--the "growing edge" of their inner inquiry and outer contribution to the world.

Tami Simon speaks with Linda Howe about the Akashic Records.

Released May 26, 2009 (51 minutes)

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Article in Pioneer Press

Oak Parker teaches people to read the Akashic Records

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Riding the Waves of Change

Yesterday, the news screamed the message of an upsurge in the Dow. Wonderful. Today, the screaming continued with the opposite message and a warning. The stern warning issued reminded us not to get too excited about any positive trends, or too pleased with any positive progress in the economy or the news. Blasting from every news source, print, internet, radio, tv and anxious friends on the phone, we are getting bomarded with negativity and fear. On the surface, nothing in our everyday world is stable, solid or uplifting. How can we go on like this?

We are challenged to look beyond appearances, to go deeper than usual to find stability, security and order. We are being pushed to look past our customary sources of sanity and reassurance. Looking further than usual, we can see that there is so much happening totally unaffected by the turbulence of the times.

Look first within your own body, you can see that your heart is pumping, your digestion processing, your lungs exhanging gases, your very physcial being is happening no matter what the headlines have to scream in your face. Your body is maintained without your conscious attention or deliberate strategizing or direction. There is a power in you, greater than you causing you to be.

Looking beyond yourself, you can see that the people around you are having the same experience. People all over the world are having the experience of life in their bodies, unaffected by nightly international news, weather, economic rise and falls, political ups and downs, war and/or peace. There is a quality of life that is enduring.

Looking into nature, we see that the life force that is in each and every seed in each and every plant is unfazed by earthly activities. The crops are growing all over the world, whether in Iowa or the Ukraine. Fruit trees are blooming somewhere right at this very minute. Fish are multiplying in the waters of the earth. On the ground and in the air, animals of all varities are growing in population.

No matter if we are at war or at peace, happy or sad, rich or poor, life is unscathed. Prosperity is a fact of life on the planet, it s the natural state. As we put our attention on what is true and enduring, we can relax into the generous and prosperous state of life. to remain calm and reasonably sane during the time of changes, focus on those truths that have been evident for centuries, look beyond the moment into the whole of time. When you see that the orange groves of the Mediterranean will continue to grow oranges no matter what we do, say or think, it will be easier to trust. That is the power to trust. Trust the power that is multiplying life, the power that is maintaining life, and enjoy it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Spiritual Revolution

It really looks like we are at the foothills of a spiritual revolution. This revolution involves the shift away from dogma, institutions and religiosity to responsible individual spiritual authority enjoyed independently and in groups. The new availability of the Akashic Records to the general public is a part of this revolution.

Looking back in time, we see there is a relationship between advancement in communication technology and expansion in spiritual awareness. Prior to the invention of the printing press in 1450 by Gutenberg, dissemination of spiritual ideas was incredibly slow by today's standards. The transmission of the key understandings of Buddhism and Christianity was limited to people religiously connected, wealthy and moved at a snail's pace. Scholarly study of sacred text and letters was open to these exclusive groups. Word of mouth and direct experience of the Teacher were the primary means of education for everyone else. Anchoring the movement of the major world religions required time, actually centuries. Still strong in presence and influence, we know the methods of education and transmission were effective even if slow.

In the past 500-600 years, we have witnessed an explosion in communication technology which has accelerated the growth of spiritual awareness for the human race. With the printing press up and running in Western Europe, religious documents were more accessible than ever before in human history. Within 100 years, in 1520, Martin Luther took his famous stand against the Catholic Church and for greater religious freedom, launching the Reformation.

The next great surge was in the 19th century, corresponding to the harnessing of electrical power. Morse put together the telegraph in 1837, Bell invented the telephone in 1876 and by 1878, Edison had a working light bulb. Rooted in spiritualism, metaphysics and transcendentalism the Great Awakening took hold in the States. Within mainstream Protestant denominations the trend from legalism gravitated toward emotionalism and evangelism. New Thought ideas broke into the arena of spiritual conversation led by Quimby who taught Mary Baker Eddy who started the Christian Science Church. M. Blatavsky heading up the Theosophists, Stiener the Anthrosophists were introducing their understandings in Europe. Consciousness liberation was afoot suggesting such principles as "mind over matter" and "spirit as source of all power being greater than material strength." Gone from the new movement in spiritual awareness was blind allegiance to a single creed. For the past 100-150 years, the collective consciousness has been growing accustomed to more choice, more independence, more authority and more responsibility that secular folks have ever enjoyed.

Splitting of the atom at the University of Chicago in 1938, broke open new dimensions of inner realms. The balance of the century became about exploring, comprehending and harnessing multiple dimensions of conscious awareness for the improvement of the human condition and enrichment of the quality of life for all of us.

Now, here we are in 2009. The internet has revolutionized our ability to connect. Within minutes, we can communicate with millions. Spiritual education and transmission are radically expanded and available to the masses. Audio and visual technologies make it possible for people to be touched, moved and enlightened even if they can't read. Technology has made it possible for people all over the world to get their questions answered and their spiritual needs met. This is the perfect environment for the spiritual revolution. Technology is recognized a a resource available to all, with the assumption that everyone is entitled to access. Enter the Akashic Records, via the Pathway Prayer Process based on the same understanding. Assuming that everyone is entitled access to this spiritual resource. Fascinating that the Akashic Records have been referred to by Chaney of Astara, as the "cosmic internet," are integral to this movement. The Spiritual Revolution is happening now, answering the cry of humanity for Divine awareness.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Akashic Records: Ancient Resource for Modern Times

It might be more accurate to say, "Ancient Resource for Maddening Times." I'm fascinated by the infusion of spiritual Light on the planet during times of tremendous change like now. In time frames of major revolutions, whether French, Russian, American or any other, we see an explosion of a full range of energies present for people to experience. Dominant are the forces for dissolution of old orders, collapse of structure past their usefulness and fracturing of patterns of thought no longer relevant. Simultaneously, there are massive openings for new postures, possibilities and potentials. Solutions to problems seem to fall out of the sky. Flashes of insight inspire people to take the new path, experiment with the new idea or implement creative approaches to long-standing dilemmas. Unseen support for change is palpable for those called to action.

Now is such a time. We are in the zone between the decline of the old order and the emergence of the new. The mass consciousness has been on a roller coaster ride. Despair, frustration and exasperation consumed the shared space of consciousness prior to the election of 2008. When Obama won on November 4th, a dramatic shift occurred. Hope took hold, anchoring in the mass consciousness. This was particularly evident in Chicago, the heartland of the nation and launching site of the Obama Era. People were relieved, happy and some a bit naive. A part of the population seemed to think of Obama as "the Saviour," who would personally change their lives. This is similar to the Oprah idea. From November 4, 2008 to January 20, 2009, hope was infused and anchored in the collective consciousness.

January 20, 2009, Inauguration Day signaled another dramatic shift. With Obama securely in office, the underlying fears, upset and shadow broke through into the atmosphere. The stock market fell, negativity rose and the core fears of the culture came to the surface. Fears such as the fear that "it's too late for us," and "we voted for the wrong fella," were close to many conversations. Deeper terrors of being "beyond repair" and "too late to save us" were voiced. The reality that our President, while a gifted leader, is a mere mortal, hit hard. A new level of vulnerability took hold.

In the midst of the madness, are options are few. We can get tossed around by the torrent of collective craziness or we can stand firm in the Light. Here we are in the middle of the storm and our opportunity is obvious. We can graciously decline the roller coaster of lunacy and call in the Light. It's so perfect that now the Records are pouring through into the lives of regular people like ourselves.

Here is our opportunity. Open your Akashic Records. Be in the climate of peace, love, power, clarity, etc.... This is not an escape or avoidance technique. No, this is the truth. Even as we are in the tsunami, there is at the core a place untouched by the storm. Our job is to go to that place and be infused with the the energy of truth. Establish yourself as a point of Light within a Greater Light. When we get a sense of peace, we can move in that direction. We will make decisions based on peace, building on peace in our ordinary lives. The Records hold the place of peace and give the support we need to move from chaos to harmony. We have a choice. It's time to choose wisely.

On February 24, the President addressed the Congress. Another shift registered, from doubt to confidence. This time, President Obama identifies the crisis, points to the path out of ruin and raises the issue of responsibility, both personal and governmental. Ours is the age of responsibility. It is time to recognize that as we admit our faults, we tap into infinite spiritual energy to correct our errors. This is required individually, locally, nationally and globally. We see that grace travels with responsibility encouraging us to go beyond our failings into the new age of peace, prosperity and accountability.

Working in the Records, we access this awareness and it holds us steady until we are able to hold it on our own. We cannot resolve our current crises on our own wits alone. Good ideas are great but they don't go far enough. We have the opportunity to forge the link between the spiritual and material, to be the front runners in the conscious creation of heaven on earth. Through the Records, we have an infinite spiritual resource that will hold us steady as we take a stand for Light. The Records can anchor us as we grow into the awareness of more Light, more peace, more love and more harmony than have ever been realized on our planet.

Much love and many blessings,

Friday, February 20, 2009

CD's arrive

Today, the cd's (How to Read the Akashic Records published by Sounds True) arrived at my office. I held the package in my hands for the first time and found myself holding my breath. It took a minute for me to relax into the experience of having my dream come true and actually holding the cd set in my hands. Amazing. When I first started working in the Records, the notion of having the Akashic Records available to anyone who would want them was downright scandalous.

In only 15 years so much has changed for the entire culture. I always thought that the Records would launch at a time of peace and prosperity. Headlines right now are anything but, "peace and prosperity!" A new regime in Washington, economic turbulence, war, and the octuplets have many of us on the edge of our seats wondering what's going on. Someone in the Quad Cities of Iowa reportedly said that this past year of 2008 brought new meaning to the question, "What the heck is going on?"

My experience of working in the Records is one of certainty in the essential goodness of people and life, even when appearances indicate otherwise. Perhaps this is why the Records are being made available now, in 2009 on a mass scale......because now is the time we really NEED them. Now is a time that defies traditional ways of problem solving. Now is a time that calls for flexibility, open mindedness, courage and a good dose of humor. Now is a time to let go of our old ideas, a time to release old programs of perception and understanding and to discover our essential selves having authentic experiences in life. It's perfect that the Records are easier to access than ever before......Perfect because they are a tool that will enable us to find the Light in any chaotic circumstance and provide the guidance we need to follow that Light. Light leading to Light. That's the Records.

What a wonderful story. At the critical moment when ordinary humans are fast approaching the end of the proverbial rope, the Light of the Records emerges and takes the lead, establishing a bridge of Light to any one called to cross. The crossing is from fear to freedom, from anxiety to certainty, from turbulence to tranquility. It is an inner journey with outer consequences. Our situations may not instantly resolve but our relationship to ourselves, others and all circumstances will be restored to harmony and peace. As we come to know more peace than ever before we will see it in our lives. We will witness the peace within ourselves.We will seek AND find the peace that is present everywhere our attention goes. Then, the latent peace within all planetary life will arise as if from a long sleep. We will enjoy the peace potential we have always known was waiting. We will call forth the peace because we know it is there, it has always been there waiting to be recognized and it is there for us because we are the ones who know it to be so.

Much love and many blessings,